Practicing the exercises and taking traditional Chinese medicine, this shelter in Hongkou District has become a hot spot for traditional Chinese medicine

“Two-hands dragging the three energizers of the heavens, bowing left and right like a eagle shooting…” Every day at 2 pm, in the square space of the square cabin on Sanmen Road , Ju Yubin, a massage doctor at the Shanghai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, couldn’t move, and took the positive infected people to practice the Baduanjin exercises together.

On April 6th, receiving an emergency order from the Hongkou District Health and Health Commission, the medical team of Shanghai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital was fully stationed in the Sanmen Road Fangcang to give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional non-drug therapy and health-care exercises were brought into the cabin together.

As of today, 580 citizens have successfully exited the cabin, and a total of more than 1,100 people have entered the cabin.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classes are very popular

In Sanmen Road Fangcang, Chinese Medicine Classes are held almost every day. In the past two days, Ju Yubin taught the seventh method in the “12 methods of spring health preservation and epidemic prevention” – press three miles.

“As the saying goes, ‘It is better to press Zusanli than to eat an old hen’. You may have heard of Zusanli, but whether you can accurately find the location and whether you can stimulate it in place is very particular.” Yubin said that through hands-on teaching of acupoint selection and pressing techniques, the interesting and relatively simple exercises have also attracted more and more people’s interest.

It is reported that this set of “12 methods of health and epidemic prevention in spring” was developed by Zhu Jiongwei, director of the Tuina Department of Shanghai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, combined with the latest plan of the “Ninth Edition of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan” and the “Adult Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia”. Expert Consensus on Tuina Intervention for Pneumonia (Trial Version 1) is recommended for formulation.

The exercise is one technique and one acupoint, which is interesting while exercising, allowing positive infected people to relax their tendons, activate their collaterals, and calm their minds, so as to achieve a state of inner spirit and uprightness. .

“It’s spring now, spring dominates the liver, and the liver belongs to the wood. Liver wood is too prosperous and the spleen soil is affected. Many people suffer from spleen and stomach discomfort.” Ju Yubin introduced that when an infected person entered the cabin, he had symptoms such as stomach acid, sore throat and cough. improve. There are also citizens who are depressed and anxious because of the infection of Omikron. At this time, the doctor will reconcile the qi and make them feel comfortable by “opening the four switches”.

It has zero cost but good curative effect. In the cabin, the nearly 1-hour traditional Chinese medicine class every day has become one of the most anticipated activities.

“To be honest, this is the first time I have come into contact with traditional Chinese medicine exercises. I didn’t expect that the effect of exercise is very obvious. It not only relieves physical fatigue and discomfort, but also greatly relieves anxiety.” Talking about this paragraph The precious experience in the special period, Ms. Zhang is not without emotion, she said that she will continue to exercise in the future.

Providing temperature-controlled medical services

In addition to traditional non-drug therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine also specially The Chinese medicine “epidemic prevention prescription” was launched.

After lunch every day, the “big whites” will deliver warm “anti-epidemic recipes” to every infected person.

In the treatment of COVID-19, Shanghai has always insisted on paying equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine.

The data released by the Municipal Health and Health Commission recently showed that among those with positive infection, the use rate of traditional Chinese medicine remained above 98%. Preliminary clinical data show that Chinese medicine has shown unique advantages in accelerating the discharge rate and blocking progress.

“Our goal is to allow every patient to receive the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine anti-epidemic drugs. Among them, there are both anti-epidemic series of prescriptions and corresponding Chinese patent medicines, and then allow patients to exercise through exercises. Get up. Through the joint application of traditional Chinese medicine and non-drug characteristic therapies, it will definitely play an active role in the prevention and control of the epidemic.” said Xie Xin, captain of the medical team of Shanghai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital.

“In the square cabin, we put on ‘big white’, and we hope to provide warm medical services for the infected.” Ju Yubin told reporters that through training exercises, doctors and patients can communicate with each other. The distance between them is also much closer, and everyone has a lot of common topics when discussing traditional Chinese medicine. The health and epidemic prevention method runs through the three stages of prevention, treatment and health. Citizens can also exercise at home after leaving the cabin. While strengthening their body, they can follow the solar terms to improve cardiopulmonary function and promote rapid recovery.

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