Practical pediatric massage for constipation (acupoint therapy encyclopedia)


The concept of constipation is known to everyone . Infants and young children suffer from constipation, mainly because the conduction function of the large intestine is abnormal, which causes the stool to stay in the intestine for too long, and the water is absorbed, resulting in the feces being too dry and hard. Caused by intestinal dryness, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine divides constipation into two types: real secret and virtual secret. No matter which type of constipation, the treatment is based on the principle of stagnation and laxative.

Common Pediatric Diseases: Constipation

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Pediatric massage is different from adults.

The Secret

Symptoms: Dry stools, or long interval between bowel movements, red complexion, bad breath, red lips, likes to drink cold drinks, yellow urine, small appetite, abdominal pain.

【Retire the six organs】Grasp the child’s wrist with one hand, The thumb of the other hand or the threaded surface of the index and middle fingers, along the ulnar side of the child’s forearm, push down from the elbow to the wrist, and repeat the operation 100 to 300 times.

strong>[ Add pressing acupoints ]100~200 times of abdominal massage; 3~5 times of chiropractic; 100~300 times of internal gossip; 100~300 times of pushing down seven bones 300 times.

Virtual Secrets

Symptoms: No bowel movement, pale complexion, thin body, poor spirit, and general weakness.

[Clear the colon]Support the child’s palm with one hand, exposing The radial edge, and then use the thumb thread surface of the other hand to push from the child’s palm to the index fingertip, pushing 300 times.

Spleen Meridian]Bend the child’s thumb with one hand, and push the finger surface of the other hand along the radial edge of the child’s thumb from the fingertip to the base of the finger for 100 to 300 times.

footSanli]Use the thumb of one hand to rub 3 cun under the eye of the outer knee, and about Zusanli on the lateral side of the tibia, 50 to 100 times.


<> Press acupoints ]Massage the abdomen 100~200 times; knead the spine 3~5 times; knead two people and mount the horse 100~500 times.

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