“Positive” man still takes antipyretics and goes out after fever! Shenyang police filed an investigation against him according to law

Recently, the Sujiatun Branch of Shenyang Public Security Bureau handled a case of refusal to implement an emergency decision during the epidemic according to law , illegal cases of orders.

April 17, residents of a community in the prevention area of ​​Sujiatun District Liu Moumou (male, 56 years old), the nucleic acid test result of the new coronavirus was positive. After investigation, Liu Moumou went in and out of public places many times, and went to a closed place for sports activities. On April 10, after the person developed fever symptoms, he violated the regulations of No. 35 and No. 48 issued by the Shenyang New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters. The medical institution went to the fever clinic and continued to go out after taking antipyretics.

Currently, Liu Moumou is being admitted to hospital for isolation treatment. On April 18, the Sujiatun Branch of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau filed an investigation against Liu Moumou, the offender, for refusing to implement the decision and order under the state of emergency.

Source: Fingertips Shenyang

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