Popular Science | Why is it not recommended to use the needle of an insulin pen repeatedly?

Uncle Wang has been suffering from diabetes for many years. He recently switched to subcutaneous insulin injection. At first, it didn’t hurt at all, but it became more and more painful. Consult a pharmacist Only to find out that the needle has not been changed. Why is the needle of an insulin pen not recommended for repeated use?

Insulin therapy is an important means to control diabetes. The clinical application of insulin injection pen makes the injection dose more precise, and the small needle also reduces the injection pain for users. However, many people think that it is too troublesome to replace the needle due to economic cost considerations, and often a needle is used for a week or even longer, which also brings some safety hazards.

The repeated use of needles for injection pens will affect the accuracy of insulin injections, cause poor blood sugar control, and lead to hyperplasia of subcutaneous fat. In addition, the repeated use of the injection needle will cause the needle tip to become dull, the lubricating layer on the needle surface will fall off, and the pain will increase, which directly affects the patient’s compliance. Therefore, the needle for the injection pen must be changed at a time.

Source: Medicine Huluwa