Pompeo urged Pelosi to “go to Taiwan together”, experts: add fuel to the situation

Source: Global Times

Whether Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, will visit Taiwan in August, even former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has come to “grab traffic”. On July 24, local time, he posted on Twitter, instigating: “Nancy, I will go with you (Taiwan). I am banned in China (mainland), but not by freedom-loving Taiwan.” See you there.”

However, Pompeo’s post was quickly ridiculed by netizens. Under his tweet, netizens said: “Mike, you can never beat China.” “How are you staying at home?” The presidential election will be decided around the mid-term elections in November at the earliest. However, a New York Times poll in mid-July showed that assuming Pompeo’s “former boss” Trump had a party showdown with other Republicans interested in running for the presidency, Trump would get 49 Former Vice President Mike Pence has 6% of the vote, while Pompeo has only 2%. The American online magazine “Shale” called Pompeo “the worst secretary of state in history.” The article said that Trump may still have some “competitors” for the title of “worst president”, but there is no doubt that Trump’s “most fanatical pug Pompeo is the worst secretary of state.”

Pompeo data map

Lv Xiang, an expert on American issues at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was interviewed by a reporter from the Global Times on the 25th Shi said that Pompeo, who has now become a marginal figure, intends to accumulate “popularity” for himself. This time, Pompeo invited the other party to “visit Taiwan together” when Pelosi had not finally made a clear visit plan.

Other analysts believe that Pompeo’s desire to visit Taiwan may also be for money. In March of this year, Pompeo visited Taiwan. According to Taiwan’s United News Network, the Taiwan authorities signed a contract with the US “Premier Speaker” public relations firm and invited Pompeo to visit Taiwan at a “price” of US$150,000.

Like Pompeo, Republican Rep. Tiffany and Perry jointly sent a letter to Pelosi on the 22nd, asking her to ignore the objections of Beijing and Biden and visit Taiwan as originally planned . Former U.S. President’s National Security Adviser Bolton said in an article on the conservative website “Washington Observer” on the 24th, “Let Pelosi go to Taiwan.” He called Pelosi’s ability to go to Taiwan in August “a major foreign policy question” and “in fact, the answer will tell us a lot about who really controls U.S. diplomacy: Washington or Beijing.”

The discussion around this topic has been rampant in the United States recently, and many people are worried. White House and Defense Department officials have informed Pelosi’s office of a possible risk assessment from Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the sources said. Officials within the Pentagon believe the trip will heighten regional tensions. A defense official said on condition of anonymity that members of Congress usually travel by military planes, and if Pelosi flew to Taiwan on a military plane, it would be considered a “military operation” by Beijing.

“If Pelosi goes ahead, the Chinese may do more than complain,” Shaq, director of foreign and defense policy at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, told CNN. Said that Biden “wrongly stated three times that the United States was obliged to defend Taiwan, stripping away the context of the one-China policy… If we make some kind of policy announcement, and then the president doesn’t back it up with military force, it could put the Taiwanese in a bind,” he said. A terrible situation.” (Source: Global Times comprehensive report Li Zhun Zhang Hui)