Poetry Prize named after Xie Lingyun, looking forward to discovering new beauty of landscape

China Youth Daily Client News (China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Jiang Xiaobin) On July 21, the first Xie Lingyun Poetry (Biennial) Award held a press conference in Beijing.

Cao Lingyun, member of the Party Group and Secretary General of Wenzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Zhejiang Province, introduced that the Xie Lingyun Poetry (Biennial) Prize, named after the poet, is a national award that is selected and awarded every two years for the purpose of discovering and rewarding Writers (poets) who are committed to the creation of Chinese poetry (including classical poetry and prose poetry), and who have made outstanding contributions and outstanding achievements, as well as newcomers who have formed a unique style in the field of Chinese poetry. There are 2 Outstanding Poet Awards and 3 Outstanding Poet Awards, 5 of which will be awarded each session, with bonuses to encourage poets to spend their time and thoughts in long-term creation.

Press Conference Live Poetry Award Organizer/Photo provided

Xie Lingyun was a poet in the Jin and Song Dynasties , traveler, known as the originator of Chinese landscape poetry, and Tao Yuanming collectively known as “Tao Xie”. Xie Lingyun wrote a large number of landscape poems in his life, especially during his stay in Wenzhou, he left 26 landscape poems, famous lines such as “spring grass grows in the pond, and willows in the garden change into songbirds”, which depicts the beauty of Wenzhou’s natural and cultural landscapes.

Wu Sijing, vice president of the Chinese Poetry Society and a poetry critic, said that Xie Lingyun is known for his landscape poems. Natural scenery is the characteristic business card of a place. Wenzhou has beautiful scenery. From the simple copy of nature to the height of art, it is distinguished from the travel poetry in the form of a diary.

The Xie Lingyun Poetry (Bi-annual) Award is jointly initiated by China Writers Publishing Group, Zhejiang Writers Association, Propaganda Department of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, Wenzhou Development and Reform Commission, Wenzhou Literary and Art Circles Federation and other units. The first award is expected to be awarded in late October 2022, and related literary activities such as Xie Lingyun academic seminars, lectures on literary and artistic creation, and literary and artistic collections will also be held.

Source: China Youth Daily Client