Poetry|Wang Fang: The Messenger of the Ancient Tea Horse Road (Poems)

Wen/Wang Fang

Ancient Roads and Posts

History of Light and Shadow from Tea The ancient horse road winds and passes
stop-and-go, stop-and-go
The ancient tea-horse road is primitive and wild
is engraved with dangerous desires
It is hidden in the desolation Or in the prosperous age between the military and the military
On the branches of history, the hidden and the obvious
is a kind of endless alternation

The prosperity of the ancient tea-horse road is stretched on the tea soup
The fate of a piece of green leaves
It is the extension of the bond connecting the national markets
It is the sound of horses’ hooves resounding in the clouds and deep valleys
It is the high raised hand of the porter’s backpack
Tens of thousands of repetitions of the turning point
It is the prosperity of the ancient road post station and the city
It is the immortality of the Tusi Guanzhai that has stood for thousands of years
The mystery and significance of the ancient tea-horse road

Decline is a kind of replacement
It is left to the dormancy of another thing to rise
Behind the station, there is always
a group of strong protagonists as the backing
caravan and back Behind the husband, the
Wind-horse flags on display have witnessed the rise and fall of the ancient road
In front of the social multi-ling mirror
The ancient tea-horse road culture is a
writing history and folklore The scroll
is also a magnificent chapter of the era

Caravan and Porter

The brand of horseshoes on the Ancient Tea Horse Road
The Kidnapper’s Nest
is not just a historical symbol
but also a string of historical hieroglyphs
or a wound on the heart of a heartbroken man
on the back of a horse
Loaded with heavy responsibilities
The kidnapper’s nest that the porters have poked thousands of times
is full of bitter expedition history

A tune of driving a horse
Writing about the ups and downs of the horse driver
A walking stick
Can’t pierce the life of the porter
Entrust my life to the dangerous and impermanent ancient road
The poisonous water of rotten grass , plagues, diseases, and beasts and worms
all open their mouths and mouths
they depend on each other in life and death, sharing weal and woe
let the cold ancient road breed the warmth of humanity

caravans and porters , appearing in copper bells
and disappearing in copper bells
Stand on top of the earth’s spine and listen to
horse drivers sing the tune of horse drivers
and porters The panting echo

The closer I get, the more I think
Skinny horse and porter are long-lost relatives
I want to untie the reins and take over the porter’s load
Give them another name: relatives
Then lead them to the end of the ancient road
Return them to the heartbroken person who is looking forward to returning
While the sunset still lingers

< p>Envoy of the ancient road

The ancient tea-horse road passes through the hinterland of Hengduan Mountain
It’s like Cupid’s arrow hit the heart
The place where the sunset can’t see through has become Silhouette
Let the post station Tusi Guanzhai Xuefeng Paoma Mountain
And the ancient road messengers all have romance

The messenger uses the foot as the ruler and the pen as the stick
Keep exploring and asking questions The nature and meaning of the ancient road
Under the pen of walking literature
Each word and sentence has the spirit of conquest
It contains the unyielding strength of resistance and
The determination to break through the hardships

The fragrance of tea dissipates, the caravan goes away, and the porter returns
The song of the expedition echoing in Hengduan Mountain for thousands of years
has become a masterpiece, but the messenger is still wearing the stars and wearing the moon
Walking through the rapids of the snow-capped canyons Dian Zipline Bridge
It is to place the heart of respect and awe
Don’t ask the date of return, one day
If you meet him on the Ancient Tea Horse Road
Just say: hello

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Wang Fang, from Jintang, Sichuan, whose works are scattered in “Huaxi Metropolis Daily”, “Chengdu Daily”, “National Defense Times”, “Ganzi Daily” “Sunset Magazine”, “Sichuan Workers Daily”, “Sichuan Rural Daily”, “Sunset News”, “Anqing Evening News”, “Folk Literature Story” and other newspapers and magazines, and some poems are included in “Shen Hua”, “Yalu River”, “Sichuan Contemporary Poets Directory”, ” Sichuan Poets”.

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