Poetry|Li Ziguo: Hometown, Far Away in the Lunar Calendar (Poems)

Wen/Li Ziguo

Ancestral House

Shibazi is in the lunar calendar
The stranger on the cliff has become a flock of forgetting years
and a well-known flock, and finally brings the rising sun to the north-facing courtyard

The Li family and Zongzi are carefree
Filed out, the reservoir in front of the ancestral hall
A recluse, Fukuzawa Hachino village neighbor
Its like a cornucopia
Let me see farther
Family, the farther earth and warehouse

The ancestral house is a streamer on paper that draws generations
It can make a gentle fire rise to the sky, or make a stone stele strong and strong
The mountains and The village is carried by it flying all over the ground
farming and reading the family heirlooms and moon
and being built up by it, the sky is full of white clouds

Shibazi set off in September when giving clothes
The rising sun and the flock come out of the fence
The descendants are all flowing water
The ancestors’ house always brings the blood of the upstream
surging blood, and at this moment
Who is there Underground, gently call me by a nickname

Tongjia Temple

Go to the wind and rain
Have to bear everything for yesterday’s mistakes
Tongjia Temple, countless temples renovated by people with the surname of Tong
has been destroyed, leaving the reputation of a small town
Floating around by the pillow of the land of red oranges
, the remaining The ones below are used to recall the rolling red dust, the recluses of this world, who go down to farm fields and fish in rivers. The suona blew out the legacy of the ancestors again
The distant thoughts cover the sky

Oh, Niushiba, Shuixiangzi, Xiabu Club
Iron Industry Club, Dexin Bay, Xiaojia Ancestral Hall
Qingping Village, Yongfeng Temple, Fenglin Pavilion…
A random collection of old place names in the streets
Pick up the simplicity and boldness of the people of Tongjia Temple
Wisdom and chivalry

I will use the high table lion lamp to go to a feast of the earth
I am going to recite the famous place names of Shige Farm all night
Count the ups and downs of fireworks, rain and snow
A compassionate town
The kindness in the world raises the bells

Snow in Douhua Village

It snows in Douhua Village
The snow falls with white flowers, one bowl after another
It is very considerate and has a lot of face
Snow finds the bean flower rice and sets it up in a dragon gate array
The snow from the past is like a mountain and flowing water
It’s the horseshoe that came from afar
The etiquette is neglected, everyone cleans the snow in front of the door

Now the snow is grass-roots, walk into Douhua Village
Climb the relatives and bring it up, talk loudly
The well-deserved snow, the song of holding hands with bean curd rice
Roofs emitting cooking smoke
The famous Douhuazhai and vegetarian banquets
A snowflake came to the nostrils
The monks traveled, Yunshui Zen heart
Suddenly wanted to express the whiteness of Douhua
Walking through the red dust, I have read all the lead flowers
Indifferent is the most beautiful, the most indifferent is the real
Douhua and Snowflake
are relatives who have slept with each other for generations

Guan Dao Embankment

This battle-hardened general was built with a pile of rocks from the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty
It is clearly a long-handled broadsword
inserted into the vast smoke and waves, saving the lives of
half the Tuojiang River and half the county town

sword, light and sword, majestic and majestic
It uses a knife Head cut off the nightmare of the flood
It uses the blade to repay the blood debt of the dam
It uses the hilt to stand up the rivers and mountains

It indulges the generals
It relieves the common people Cow
It is using the ancient saber technique of chopping, chopping, clouding, and wiping
clarifies the turbidity and clarity, evil and goodness of the situation

It It is a giant who changes the flow of history
It stands on the tide and stops at the waist
The rapids of the Tuojiang slow down the flow rate
Bypassing the east and south gates of the county town
He holds his head high , waving Ge Ge westwards

Guan Daodi is a good knife, when the river god is tyrannical
It is invincible, and the knife sees blood
Guan Daodi is a precious sword, like an innocent Survivor
It’s a knife in both ribs, surrounded by extraordinary majesty for a lifetime


Stonemill woke up and patted
A whole body of dust, the moon on the horizon
Relying on its teeth, grinding it day by day
It also pierces the throat, the ancestors who grinded the crafts
a unique skill of pushing out soy milk
deep into the bone marrow The stone mill
is the flight on the back of the bird
is a range hood in the belly of the fish

Crushing the soybeans like a daughter
to make authentic Fushun bean curd
Be sure to use a stone mill, use artificial breathing
Use a cow to push the clouds, but it’s best not to use a robot cat, this is what the eyes say
You can only use bubbles The half-awake soybeans
chewed with the old mouth of the stone grinder
chewed, squeezed, bit by bit
silently endured, silently subverted, forever

Douhua in the hidden jungle
It was sung by the two old records of stone grinding

Stone grinding, a bowl of beancurd
Stone grinding and a smile, beancurd The authentic
egret returned from a trip, and the bean entry
won more and more audiences
, while the calm stone mill
became a glimpse
/>First-class singer

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