Poetry|Cao Li: Legend

Wen/Cao Li

If a star can hear the heartbeat of another star

then they It must be each other

a legend engraved in each other’s body

you alone have polished half a lifetime of wind and frost into an extremely hard and soft poem

In the vast night

I recognize the footprints that you struggled to break free from fate

Every time I look, I let the faint stars in my eyes have wings

It is fuller, as if there is a trace of

tiny sweetness entwined, and a thin grain of happiness


I am next to your vast, hot loneliness

As if clinging to my own destiny

I can’t tell which is your pain

which is the turbulent flame in my blood

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Cao Li, pseudonym Ye Ye, member of Haizi Poetry Research Association, member of Chinese Poetry Society, member of Tianya Mingyue Poetry Society, and member of Anhui Poetry Association.

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