Picking Mulberries∥Country Summer Text/About You Unlimited Outside One Song

Collection of mulberries∥Village summer

About you without hate will meet on July 30, 2022, the summer is hot and the heat is unbearable. Back to my hometown Houping is another scene.

After the first-ripening yellow peach window,

Purple Dragonfly,

I know the sensation,

Wind dance and red lotus are very beautiful.

Long blank waves drifting clouds drunk,

so rural,

green and dark,

spring water ding ding,

< p>Playing in Qingxi does not avoid people.

The dream ran aground in the moonlight

About You No Hate July 29, 2022 Finished

The teardrops that blew the stars

turned into fireflies on the tip of the grass

wait for the moon to hang up

the wind whispered

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Only because I believed in the moonlight like water

the soul of lovesickness was stranded

that clear water

Why do I only believe in the nightingale’s empty cry

Those once tangled in spider silk

nets live in the forest of longing

a curtain of quiet dreams stranded< /p>

Who wiped the kiss off the cheek

One Point Wenfeng Mountain Wenyuan