Physical examination found elevated transaminase? Reminder: 4 kinds of food should not be gluttonous, good for protecting liver function

Many people will find elevated transaminase during physical examination, and then the doctor will ask you to re-examine. Everyone vaguely feels that this transaminase is not a good thing, but they don’t know what this transaminase represents in the body?

The detection of transaminase is obtained by blood test. In fact, transaminase does not exist in the blood. It mainly comes from liver cells. Under normal circumstances, a large amount of transaminase will not be detected in the blood. So how did it get into the bloodstream?

If the liver cells die, the transaminase will run into the body environment before entering the blood, which will increase the amount of transaminase in the blood. Therefore, when elevated transaminase is detected, it also indicates that the number of liver cells is dying, which means that liver health is damaged.

Therefore, an important indicator to check liver function is the transaminase value, but abnormal transaminase may also be caused by overwork, often staying up late, malnutrition, pregnancy and strenuous exercise, so further review is required.

When you find that your transaminase is elevated, you need to pay attention to adjustment, especially in terms of diet, otherwise it will aggravate the condition, cause liver damage, and even induce serious liver disease.

Reminder: 4 kinds of food not to be greedy, good for protecting liver function

1, high-fat food

< p>High-fat foods usually represent high calories. If you eat too much, it will lead to excess calories in the body, which will induce obesity, and it will easily damage the health of the liver.

We know that the liver plays a role in metabolism. If you take in too much fat and the liver cannot completely metabolize it, these fats will accumulate in the liver, which will easily lead to fatty liver over time and increase transaminases. .

2. High-protein foods

Although proper protein supplementation can help repair damaged liver cells, this situation does not It is too suitable for people with high transaminases. Due to the intake of too much protein, the liver cannot convert blood ammonia into urea in time, so that the concentration of blood ammonia is too high, which will cause hepatic coma.

3. Wine

Whether it is beer, red wine or white wine, as long as you drink it, after the alcohol enters the body, it needs to be processed by the liver. Metabolic breakdown. If you drink regularly, it will increase the burden on the liver, and the liver is often overloaded, which can easily lead to elevated transaminases.

So after finding out that the transaminase level is elevated, the first task is to stop drinking, so as not to drink alcohol.

4. Preserved food

Preserved food is not only the food that many people like to eat, but also that many people like to cook. When the taste is light, it is okay to occasionally eat some pickled food to adjust the taste, but it is not suitable to eat it often and in large quantities.

Because pickled food without exception will put a lot of salt in the production process, so it is easy to produce nitrite, which needs to be catabolized by the liver after eating, so eating too much will increase the burden on the liver, Injury to liver cells, resulting in elevated transaminases.

People with high transaminase are suitable for drinking honeysuckle tea. Because honeysuckle has the effect of protecting the liver, nourishing the liver and blood, and dredging the liver qi, it helps to reduce the level of transaminase.

Of course, for better effect, it is recommended to use honeysuckle with chrysanthemum, cassia seeds, dandelion, eucommia male flower, tartary buckwheat, kudzu root, mulberry leaf, gardenia and other healthy ingredients to make it. Chrysanthemum cassia seed tea is good for nourishing the liver, clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

However, diet control alone is not enough to reduce transaminase. It is also necessary to develop good living habits, do not stay up late, and exercise regularly and moderately. Helps to restore normal transaminase and protect liver health.