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The flower language of red tulips:

Red gives people a warm and unrestrained feeling, so the meaning of red tulips is also very straightforward: I love you. It represents a confession of love, a declaration of love, joy, love.

Yellow tulip flower language: Yellow tulips represent hopeless love, hopeless love. In Europe and the United States, yellow flowers are usually not popular, and the related flower language is also more negative. In fact, the bright yellow contains the joy of spring, how can people not like the eye-catching bright flowers? Therefore, some people think that the yellow tulip is a symbol of elegance, preciousness, wealth, love and friendship.

Pink tulip flower language: Pink is a symbol of femininity and beauty. The flower language of pink tulips is: beauty, love, love, friendship, happiness.

Purple tulip flower language: Purple has the romance and nobility of red, as well as the mystery and sadness of black. The purple tulip has a fatal attraction, it represents noble love, endless love, loyal love

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1. Momo tulips are on the arms, and ancient jade pendants are on the waist. ——Gong Zizhen (Qing) “Autumn Heart One”

2,. ——Du Mu (Tang), “Ou Cheng Zheng Seniors”

3. Green brocade lichen and red embroidery carpet, as much as possible Spread dipterocarp tulips. ——Mrs. Huarui (Tang Dynasty) “Palace Ci”