People with the following five characteristics are worthy of deep friendship

Chen Yi said: It is rare to be a critical friend and dare to criticize face to face; sometimes I can’t bear it, and I burst into a rage; after thinking it is not right, I apologize and come to the door; so I cooperate and understand each other.

Human beings are the largest social group animals. Communication with people is essential. Making friends with people can make one’s journey wider and wider. It is said that multiple friends lead to multiple paths. Acquaintance is fate, knowing each other and believing is long-term recognition. “My parents are the ones who give birth to me, and Bao Zi is the one who knows me. This is the acquaintance of Guan Bao.

Choosing friends has become a very important issue for a person. It is what Chen Yi said about critical friends, who challenge each other, advise each other, and have close friends who advance and retreat together. There are also close friends who compliment each other. When they are young, they will not hesitate to kill each other.

Choosing friends and making friends is not only a problem for modern people, but also the ancient predecessors constantly sum up in their lives

There is a saying in “Hu’s Family Instruction”: “First light and then thick, first sparse and then dense, first far and then near, this is the way to make friends. ”

First choose and submit later, not submit first and then choose.——Ge Hong

do not submit From now on, we will remember each other again.——Bai Juyi

A gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, and a little man’s friendship is as sweet as wine.——Zhuang Zhou

A gentleman does not look in water, but in people. A mirror in water, sees the face; if a mirror is in people, he knows evil and good fortune.——Mo Zhai

The high-level water is flowing, and those who do not know the sound cannot listen.——Wen Tianxiang

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People with the following five characteristics are more reliable and worthy of deep friendship.< /p>

Keep filial piety and loyalty: life begins with one’s parents, if you have a grateful and filial heart, that is true filial piety. Kindness is greater than God. When parents are present, filial piety is the most important thing. Knowing how to be grateful to and caring for parents is a kind of person who values ​​relatives and righteousness and deserves deep friendship.

Know etiquette and rules: etiquette is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and it has been through the wind and rain For five thousand years, a line of inheritance continues to this day. “The Analects of Confucius” once said: “If you don’t learn etiquette, you can’t stand”

Modern society needs to know etiquette and rules. In your hands, you can’t be too familiar, and you can’t respect other people’s living habits and rules.

There is a pattern: what is the pattern refers to the inner layout of a person’s vision, mind, courage and other psychological elements! Not short-sighted. A person who really has a big pattern will not be preoccupied with others because of trivial matters. In the face of mistakes, do not tangle and let go, reflect on history, and stop losses in time.

I like to share and know how to be grateful: good friends, good friends, share the joy and achievements of each other, and help friends when they are in trouble , do not seek in return, know how to be grateful, remember the goodness of friends, and encourage each other.

Not trending, Always be a good old man: There is a big difference between a good man and a good old man. It’s easy to hurt a friend for your own benefit.

There are always three or five friends in life, and there are a few close friends. Although there are many friends, it is not as good as a close friend. Exchange your sincerity for the sincerity of others. Why not do an equal transaction?