People who have “nodules” detected by physical examination, doctor: try to touch 5 types of hair objects as little as possible, I hope you can rest assured

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With the recent In the past few years, with the rapid development of society, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and people have paid more and more attention to disease prevention, so more and more people have developed the good habit of regular physical examinations.

However, many people find out that there are nodules in the body during the physical examination, such as common pulmonary nodules, breast Nodules, thyroid nodules, this is also a relatively common nodular disease.

Although most nodules are benign, it is also necessary to follow the doctor’s advice, adjust the diet and living habits in time, do regular review, and prevent the nodules. node lesions.

Although these nodules are not particularly serious and severe, they also need everyone to pay more attention to their daily diet and life, and try to eat as little as possible to speed up the nodules. Only by growing hair can stabilize the nodules, avoid the malignant transformation of nodules, and affect human health.

What is hair?

The so-called hair food refers to those foods that can induce certain diseases, especially old and chronic diseases or aggravate existing diseases.

It is of great significance in diet regimen and diet therapy. Usually, hair is also food, and proper consumption may be harmful to health. People will not have side effects, but for people with certain special diseases and special constitutions, it may induce aggravation of the disease.

What are the causes of nodules?

1, emotional instability

If you are under the bad mood of tension, anxiety, depression and anxiety for a long time, the endocrine of the body will be disturbed, the thyroid gland will be stimulated, and the functioning of the body will be adversely affected, causing the occurrence of nodules.

So remind everyone to learn to adjust, control personal emotions, maintain a peaceful and optimistic attitude in daily life, Only then can the endocrine function be in a stable state.

2. Lack of iodine p>

If there is a lack of certain trace elements in the body, it may affect human health. If the lack of iodine element will lead to the decrease of thyroid function, it can be properly Supplement with iodine-rich kelp and seaweed.

However, if you consume too much iodine, it will also cause goiter, which is not conducive to the recovery of nodules Therefore, in life, it is necessary to consume iodine appropriately and reasonably under the strict guidance and advice of doctors.

3. Genetics

I believe everyone knows that genetics is very powerful, and genetic factors also play a part in the nodule.

Thyroid nodules are partly due to genetic factors, abnormal hormone secretion, or due to preexisting thyroid Hormones cannot synthesize on their own, causing goiter or nodules to appear.

People who have “nodules” detected by physical examination, doctor: try to avoid 5 categories Hair products, I hope you can rest assured to use

[1] Health products containing hormones

is the most online. Nowadays, people’s awareness of health preservation has strengthened, and many unscrupulous merchants have noticed the supply and marketing gap in the market, and began to sell a variety of health care products and nutritional products. Health gimmicks are constantly being marketed to people.

However, most of the health care products sold on the market contain a large amount of estrogen. Excessive intake of estrogen can also lead to disorder of hormone levels, which is not conducive to nodules. The recovery of the patient, however, once the drug is not symptomatic, it will bring certain toxic and side effects to the body and aggravate the disease. Therefore, for people with nodules in the body, no matter how expensive health care products are,should be used with caution.

[2] Pickled Foods

In life, many people like to marinate meat before eating salt. Although these foods are particularly delicious, they can stimulate people’s appetite.

But it is not a healthy food. During the pickling process, a lot of salt, additives, etc. will be added to the pickled food. Excessive intake of various components will also lead to excessive intake of sodium ions, aggravating the burden of vascular hypertension.

Especially for people with nodules, this irritating food will aggravate the growth rate of nodules, which is not conducive to the disease. .

[3] Great Tonic

For people with nodules in the body, they must pay more attention to their daily diet, and they need to know which foods can and cannot be eaten.

Especially, many people think that seafood, ginseng, deer antler and other nutritious foods can have a nourishing effect, but These tonics, for people with nodules, are the main factors that stimulate the growth of nodules.

Regular consumption of these tonic foods will also stimulate the growth rate of nodules and accelerate the aggravation of the disease, so like Please eat less of this food.

[4] Foods High in Cholesterol

< p data-track="34">Fat meat, animal liver, and egg yolks that are common in daily life are foods with relatively high cholesterol content. Although these foods are rich in nutritional value, they are not effective for those suffering from For people with nodules, it is a substance that promotes the growth of nodules, so the intake of such foods should also be reduced.

Excessive intake of cholesterol will accumulate a lot of lipids in the body, affecting normal metabolism , it will also lead to increased vascular burden, induce obesity, and is not conducive to the dissipation of nodules.

[5] Wine and its alcoholic beverages span>

my country’s wine culture has a long history and has been passed down for thousands of years, whether it is ancient literati or contemporary people. Especially love to drink.

And with the development of the times, it has become the main tool and participant of contemporary social interaction, but Long-term drinking not only aggravates the burden and stimulation of the liver, kidneys and central nervous system of the brain, but also is not recommended for patients with nodules.

A lot of alcohol intake can also stimulate the problem of nodules and is not conducive to the dissipation of nodules, so like Alcohol and any alcoholic beverages should be avoided as soon as possible.

What foods are suitable for people with nodules?


Speaking of loofah, I believe everyone is familiar with it. As a food that is often eaten in life, loofah can be said to be a good medicine for dissipating nodules.

in everyday life. Eating loofah regularly can improve the skin, keep the skin smooth and tender, play a role in beauty and beauty, and also help fight scurvy.

For people with nodules in the body, eating loofah can also relieve the problem of nodules. Protecting the health of the breast also has the effect of clearing heat and removing fire, and also helps to calm and soothe the mood.

[ Dandelion tea]

Speaking of dandelion, everyone is no stranger to dandelion as a medicinal food The homologous Chinese herbal medicine has been a common weed in field maps in the past, but with its wide application in recent years, more and more people have begun to recognize the nutritional value of dandelion.

Dandelion is rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Drinking dandelion tea regularly can also soothe nodules and promote nodules. For female friends with breast nodules, persistent use can also play an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect and promote indirect recovery.

Extended—How to prevent nodules in life?

—-Smoking is a high risk factor for inducing lung nodules and lung tumors and tuberculosis, so remind everyone to protect lung health and prevent lung cancer The appearance of nodules, we must pay attention, quit cigarettes, but also stay away from second-hand smoke environment.

—-For people with low immunity, they are more likely to suffer from pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary nodules and lung diseases, so For this group of people, they should pay more attention to the combination of work and rest, ensure adequate rest and sleep, do not stay up late, do not smoke or drink, and exercise properly to enhance physical fitness.

—-In daily life, try to stay away from the environment of harmful gas and dust. You should also take personal protection and wear a mask in time.

—-Remind everyone that in our daily life, we should also develop the good habit of regular physical examination. Through physical examination, we can discover the cause of the prostate in time. To achieve early detection, early prevention and early treatment, to avoid missing the best time for treatment