People who drink tap water for a long time are easy to damage the kidneys? How to drink water to protect kidney health?

In this era of kidney injury and kidney nourishment, many people are in a dilemma. Although they want to nourish the kidney under the banner, they cannot control themselves every time and do things that hurt the kidney. , including smoking, drinking, staying up late, eating high-salt and high-fat foods, drinking beverages as water, excessive fatigue, drug abuse, and now it is said that drinking tap water every day will damage the kidneys.

Will people who drink tap water for a long time injure their kidneys?

Nowadays, the incidence of kidney disease is high, almost 1 in 10 people may have kidney disease, and it may be extended to uremia. Be careful, try your best to be good to your kidneys, but have you really grasped the point?

As for the tap water mentioned in the rumors, as daily drinking water, tap water has the characteristics of high cost performance compared with other water sources, such as mineral water and pure water. Suitable for most people to drink.

Trace the source, it is from lakes, mountain springs, well water, etc., and enters the water supply area of ​​the public area through a specially treated water plant, which itself has undergone secondary Disinfection, you don’t have to worry about food poisoning after drinking.

However, the quality of tap water conforms to the national standard “Sanitation Standards for Drinking Water”. For some people, tap water has a smell. What’s going on? There are even more rumors that it is because of the residual chlorine in tap water, which can cause cancer.

By verifying that there is indeed residual chlorine in tap water, but it is also beneficial to inhibit bacteria during transportation, but the safety standard set by the World Health Organization is no more than 5mg per liter of water, In normal sampling, it is found that the residual chlorine content in tap water is within 1mg per liter, which is completely in line with the standard. Even if you smell chlorine in your tap water, don’t worry.

There is absolutely no scientific basis for the kidney injury. As long as the tap water is completely boiled and drunk in a safe manner, it will also provide a safe lock for the tap water. . According to the requirements of the new “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents”, in general, adults should drink 1500~1700m of water every day, which is almost 7~8 glasses of water.

For special groups who need to drink more water, including people with gout and hyperuricemia, they can drink an appropriate amount of water according to their own conditions. 2L or so.

Therefore, drinking boiled tap water will not harm the kidneys. Instead, everyone should be careful about these types of water:

Sweet beverages: All sweet beverages should be paid attention to, especially those who like to drink sweet beverages as water, because sugar will increase the metabolic burden on the kidneys and reduce the absorption of calcium and potassium by the body , which in turn damages the kidneys and increases the risk of kidney disease.

Sugar-free drinks: Although sugar-free drinks are extremely low in sugar and marked with zero calories and zero trans fatty acids, it is precisely this perception that makes People who drink a lot will also increase the burden on the kidneys.