Pelosi stayed in the hotel to protest the scene express: all kinds of slogans of the unification group, the security police are like a big enemy

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News (Taiwan-based reporter Wu Shenglin) US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit in the evening In Taiwan, China, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. this evening, there were at least three waves of protesters in front of the hotel where Pelosi planned to stay in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei’s Xinyi District. Huang Zhixian, a well-known unificationist, Wu Chengdian, chairman of the New Party, Hou Hanting, a member of the New Party, and Zhong Qin, the first “Information Director” under Chen Shuibian… Everyone gave speeches and protests.

“The source of the chaos in the world, the American politicians, go back to the United States!” “We will welcome the reunification together!” “Pray for the old witch Pelosi to fall into the sea!” “Taiwan wants peace, not war!” The faction group held various protest slogans and banners, dressed in red shirts and enthusiastic, accusing Pelosi of unprovoked provocations, raising tensions across the Taiwan Strait, and expressing the demands of the Taiwanese people.

To prevent accidents, Taipei City Police Department dispatched more than 100 security police on the scene. There is a guard post every 10 meters around.

“Pelosi came uninvited, completely disrespectful to Taiwan, and will only plunge Taiwan into war!”

“The DPP is so subservient to Pelosi, it is the filial piety of the filial son and grandson Parents? Even if you are honoring your parents, if you want to see your son, you have to say hello in advance, right? You can’t force your way through the door, right?”

“Pelosi get out, Pelosi get out !”

“Pelosi get out, the DPP kneels and surrender!” The protests continued.

Hou Hanting, director of the New Party New Thinking Center, criticized Pelosi as she said at the protest, and Taiwan is not allowed to refuse , she didn’t give her any favors, she ate for nothing, she was unreasonable and acted like a robber, so she should not be welcomed by the hospitality.

Hou Hanting also condemned the DPP for letting Pelosi come to Taiwan uninvited to “invade the door”, which is an act of betraying the Taiwanese people and trampling on the dignity of the Taiwanese people. The DPP is “kneeling and surrendering!” The Kuomintang also worships with incense.

Hou Hanting questioned that he did not know who invited Pelosi. The Progressive Party wanted to reject Pelosi’s coming to Taiwan, but it couldn’t. This shows that when Pelosi came to Taiwan, she did not pay attention to the wishes of the DPP authorities or the will of the Taiwanese people.

New Party Chairman Wu Chengdian said on the afternoon of the 2nd that the New Party firmly opposes Pelosi’s coming to Taiwan.

Wu Chengdian called on people who opposed Pelosi’s coming to Taiwan to protest at her hotel at 6 o’clock tonight to express Taiwan’s aspirations. He believes that Taiwan has fallen into fire and water, and the Taiwanese cannot let the United States play in their hands and must wake up. He called on everyone to think about whether we have the ability to provoke wars on both sides of the strait? Are we willing to do this? Do Taiwanese people agree with Pelosi coming to Taiwan? He finally said that although the new party has a weak voice, it should express its ideas.

As for Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on August 2 that what I can tell you is that the US will definitely harm China’s sovereignty and security interests for her. Take responsibility and pay the price.