Paying a few hundred yuan a year can have so many benefits. Will you pay for the resident pension in 2022?

Qilu One Point reporter Zhao Qinghua correspondent Liu Xiaowei Wang Zhuo

The reporter learned from the Jinan Social Insurance Business Center that the centralized payment period for the basic endowment insurance for urban and rural residents in Jinan in 2022 has ended. Started on April 1st. Resident endowment insurance is paid annually, and the premium is divided into 11 grades, with a minimum payment of 300 yuan a year. So is it worthwhile to pay the fee every year? How much money can you get in retirement after paying the minimum period of 15 years? Jinan Social Security has calculated a detailed account for everyone!

Benefit 1: Benefits far outweigh expenses

How much can I get for the resident endowment insurance contributions? Resident endowment insurance abides by the principle that the more you pay, the more you pay, and the more you pay for a long time. It is recommended that you choose a standard with a higher payment level as far as possible. Below we give two examples with the minimum payment grade of 300 yuan and the highest payment grade of 5,000 yuan. According to the current basic pension standard, ignoring the interest income of individual accounts, we will calculate the account for everyone:

Example 1: The insured chooses to pay 300 yuan per year, accumulatively paid for 15 years, and can receive these money every year when they reach the age of 60: [(300+40)×15÷139+160]×12=2360 yuan.

Example 2: The insured chooses to pay 5,000 yuan per year, accumulatively pays for 15 years, and can receive these money every year when they reach the age of 60: [(5000+100)×15÷139+160]×12=8524 Yuan.

It should be reminded that the above algorithm does not take into account the adjustment factors of interest income and basic pension, it is only a rough calculation, and the treatment will only be higher than this.

Benefit 2: The government’s investment far exceeds personal expenditures, and there will be subsidies for payment. The basic pension is borne by the government, and the benefits will be improved.

CNY 300, CNY 40, CNY 500, CNY 600, CNY 60, CNY 800, CNY 1000, CNY 1500 RMB 80 for RMB 2,000, RMB 85 for RMB 2,500, RMB 90 for RMB 3,000, RMB 95 for RMB 4,000, and RMB 100 for RMB 5,000. The insured can enjoy the corresponding standard payment subsidy after paying the premium in the current year.

When the resident endowment insurance policy is implemented (subject to the actual time of each district and county), those who have reached the age of 60 and have not participated in other social insurances, after registering for insurance, do not need to pay fees, they can Directly receive the basic pension paid by the finance at all levels. Up to now, the city has raised the basic pension standard of residents’ endowment insurance for the 10th time. With the development of economy and society, residents’ endowment benefits will be improved year by year.

Some insured people will ask, their economic conditions are average, they have to pay premiums every year, and they retire early, isn’t it a big disadvantage? In fact, it is not a loss at all. Although the insured pays the fee every year, the government’s investment far exceeds the expenditure of each individual, and the state subsidy is much more than the individual’s money. After so many years, the insured only needs to pay a few thousand yuan, and the treatment received after retirement will be much more than the individual’s previous payment. If you only rely on deposit interest or financial management, it is difficult to get the same amount of treatment after retirement. In layman’s terms, most or even most of the retirement benefits of individual resident pension insurers belong to government subsidies. Isn’t it beautiful! It can be said that participating in insurance is earning.

Benefit 3: The threshold for participating in the insurance is low, there are many preferential policies, and there is a one-time supplementary payment policy for some people.

As long as the residents are over 16 years old (excluding school students) and have not participated in other social pension insurance, All can participate in the resident endowment insurance in the city’s household registration place.

In addition, when the resident basic endowment insurance system is implemented, insured persons over the age of 45 but under the age of 60 shall pay annual premiums and the cumulative payment period shall not be less than the remaining years from their actual age to the age of 60. , a one-time supplementary payment is also allowed, but the cumulative payment period after supplementary payment should not exceed 15 years.

For example, when Mr. Zhang was 50 years old when the policy was implemented, his payment during the period of 50-60 years old must be paid in full. , You can receive benefits when the cumulative payment is over 11 years. In addition, if Zhang wants to make a supplementary payment, supplementary payment is also allowed, but the cumulative payment period after supplementary payment shall not exceed 15 years.

Benefit 4: Residents enjoy lifelong pension benefits, and the insured can receive funeral subsidies after death, and personal account funds can be inherited.

The insured person of the resident endowment insurance is over 60 years old, participates in the insurance according to the regulations and does not receive the basic endowment stipulated by the state If you have insurance benefits, you can receive resident endowment insurance pension benefits on a monthly basis and enjoy lifetime payments.

If the recipient of the resident endowment insurance benefit dies, the relevant personnel can cancel the registration of the resident endowment insurance after the death of the benefit recipient, and receive a one-time funeral subsidy of 1,000 yuan and the balance of the funds in their personal account after the procedure is completed. can be inherited according to law.

Have you ever seen an investment with less personal investment, a low threshold for participating in insurance, near zero risk, and a rate of return much higher than the cost? Only social insurance supported by the state can do this, which is the most cost-effective guarantee for personal investment. There is no loss in participating in the insurance, please remember to participate in the insurance and pay the fee in time! If the parents in the family do not understand, the children must remember to reckon this account to our parents, so as to provide a peace of mind for the parents and help them spend a happy old age.