Pay 680 yuan, can you live in a B&B within two years? After becoming a member of Hangzhou female white-collar workers, she was completely dumbfounded

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Recently, a reader Ms. Qin (surname changed) reported to the Hourly News reporter: Joined a travel accommodation applet “Rucheng” If you become a member, according to the regulations, the deposit will be refunded a few working days after moving into the contracted house, but half a year has passed, and the deposit has not been refunded, and the customer service cannot be contacted. What should I do?

Today (August 2), a reporter from Hours News contacted Ms. Qin.

Ms. Qin is a bank employee who loves traveling and enjoys the fresh air around Hangzhou. On June 21, 2021, through a friend’s introduction, Ms. Qin learned about “Rucheng” and applied for membership of Rucheng (Hangzhou Rucheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.). The cost is 680 yuan, and the validity period is two years strong> . According to the platform regulations, During the validity period of two years, Ms. Qin can stay in the homestay contracted by the platform, and pay a certain amount of deposit before check-in, and the deposit will be refunded after check-out.

“I remember that the price of 680 yuan was the preferential price at that time. I specifically asked when I was a member. There is no limit to the number of stays within the two-year validity period. It is available nationwide, as long as Just make an appointment.” Ms. Qin said.

“It is equivalent to spend 680 yuan, can you live in a B&B for free for two years?” Ms. Qin thought, Such a good thing to try first.

In September 2021, Ms. Qin booked a room at Lingshang Mingshu, Moganshan B&B, for 1 night, with a deposit of 1,888 yuan. After staying for one night, Ms. Qin checked out, and the deposit was refunded three days later.

Ms. Qin was very satisfied with this first stay experience.

But the next second stay experience was different, which made Ms. Qin still angry when she thinks about it.

“In December 2021, I booked Yihejia Langli B&B in Xihu District, Hangzhou, but I plan to If something changed, I canceled the reservation in advance, and then made a reservation in January 2022. But the strange thing is that not only did the deposit for the first cancellation of the room not get refunded, but also the deposit after the second check-in and check-out was not refunded, A total of 5872 yuan. Then the platform shows that I have checked in 3 times, but I only checked in 2 times. “Ms. Qin said.

Half a year after this Time, Ms. Qin has been trying to return the 5872 yuan deposit, but contact customer service has been unsuccessful, “I feel cheated.”

Can Ms. Qin’s deposit be refunded?

The hourly reporter then opened the applet “Rucheng”, and as soon as it was opened, it prompted: “The Rucheng applet has been recently complained by a large number of users, and may be involved in transaction disputes. Please pay attention to verify the authenticity of the information. ”

After entering the “Rucheng” applet, the hour reporter found that with Qin What Ms. said is 680 yuan to become a two-year member is different. Now applying for a membership is 1280 yuan a year; before payment, there will be a Rucheng membership agreement that needs to be checked, including the description of membership definition, validity period and other related issues.

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In the membership interface, there are “stay within one year”, “common during holidays”, “can stay in the whole country”, “unlimited room type”, ” friends and relativesSharing” and other member preferential services.

On the platform, the reporter also found the customer service entrance, in the FAQ There is an answer about the deposit, which reads: The deposit will be refunded to your payment account after check-out is completed, and the specific arrival time may be delayed due to the nature of the account.

The reporter then called Rucheng’s telephone customer service. The staff who answered the phone replied : “The platform is currently operating normally. , Due to the company’s economic situation and other reasons, it is temporarily unable to refund the deposit. ”

When the reporter asked if he could promise the deadline for refunding the deposit, the staff clearly stated that “can’t promise”.

When the reporter wanted to contact the customer service staff When contacting the person in charge of the platform or Rucheng Company, the staff said “there is no contact information”.

Ms. Qin expressed her dissatisfaction with the staff’s reply: “The platform’s regulations are clearly written. Clearly, not being able to refund the deposit now is deception. “ In particular, what Ms. Qin did not understand was: “There is a problem and the deposit cannot be refunded, but the operation continues, that is, the deposit of the members is continued to be charged. This is simply a shame! Where is this “normal operation”? “

Ms. Qin said that she may sue “Rucheng” in the future to protect her own rights and interests.

Source: Qianjiang Evening News ·Hourly news reporter Bian Chengyi