Patients with pulmonary nodules must see these 7 things before reviewing

What is a lung nodule? 【About Prof. Yinkui Chen]

Pulmonary nodules are lungs < 3 cm seen on chest X-ray or CT Many high-density nodule shadows are found during physical examination. Some have no symptoms, and some have respiratory symptoms, such as cough, expectoration, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. Nodules are infectious and non-infectious; infectious are fungal, and there are general inflammations, such as inflammatory pseudotumors. There are benign and malignant tumors; benign tumors include hamartoma, sclerocytoma, inflammatory pseudotumor, and fibroma; malignant tumors include adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and so on.

There are many reasons for the formation of pulmonary nodules, mainly the following factors:

  1. Air pollution, long-term exposure to smoke and particulate matter, and long-term deposition in the lungs lead to the formation of nodules over the years.
  2. Inflammatory diseases of the lungs, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, inflammatory diseases after infection, which can be round or round-like nodules The form exists, called pulmonary nodules.
  3. The infiltrating lesion of the tumor is adenocarcinoma infiltrating lesion, in this case it is mainly ground glass foci or subsolid ground glass nodule Performance. This nodule formation is generally an early change in cancer, and if detected, it can be removed as soon as possible.

7 things you must know when reviewing lung nodules!

1. Ground glass pulmonary nodules are not necessarily malignant, and some are caused by inflammation. Such nodules may also disappear with inflammation.

2. The ground-glass pulmonary nodules have been reexamined several times and there is no change, can I be relieved? No, ground glass pulmonary nodules are inherently slow to grow, and no change in a short period of time does not mean that they will not stop for a long time.

3. The chest X-ray is a two-dimensional image, so the chest X-ray cannot detect pulmonary nodules. p>

4. Thin-slice CT is recommended during nodule review, so that small changes in pulmonary nodules can be found.

5. Whether or not a pulmonary nodule needs to be operated on, cannot simply look at its size. Morphological characteristics are also important reference indicators.

6. The TCM treatment of pulmonary nodules must be based on a dialectical type. For the treatment of nodules, there is a chance of shrinking or disappearing.

7. It is very important to treat pulmonary nodules to regulate physical fitness. Only when the constitution improves and the nodules dissipate can they not regenerate.

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