Parents, pay attention to these signals on the tongue, be vigilant!

During dinner, Long Long said he wanted to drink yogurt. Longlong’s father, Teacher Han, asked him to stick out his tongue. At first glance, the tongue coating is a little yellow, thick and greasy, and yogurt is not suitable. Teacher Han said, eat more vegetables that are easy to digest. Long Long gave a bitter face, and then calmly accepted this fact. I was surprised. I have seen many children, and I know how they behave when their demands are not met, but Long Long listens to the truth. This is obviously a habit that has been cultivated for a long time in life. We know that a yellow, thick and greasy tongue coating indicates that there may be a little stagnation in the body. At this time, the digestion and absorption capacity of the spleen and stomach will be affected to a certain extent. Drink it at this time. Cold and indigestible yogurt may increase the burden on the spleen and stomach. Therefore, feedback feeding will tell us that it is better to reduce the burden on the child at this time and eat vegetables that are easy to digest. In addition, in addition to this thick yellow tongue coating, other common conditions, such as a wet and slippery tongue, indicate wet garbage, which is not suitable for drinking yogurt. . Also, the whole tongue is covered with white coating, which also covers the edges of the tongue, which is slightly thicker than normal. , consider the possibility of cold. Also not suitable for drinking yogurt.

Tongue, connecting internal organs through meridians

< /span>Traditional Chinese medicine believes that, “Those who have insides must have outside appearances.”The tongue is a display, through which you can clearly see what’s going on inside your body. And most importantly, this monitor never lies, asks a doctor, people may ignore or hide key information, check a doctor, people may wear makeup, But the tongue is honest and we can fully trust it. How does the display of the tongue show the internal conditions of our bodies and the health of our bodies? “The tongue is the seedling of the heart, and it is outside the spleen. The five viscera are related and connected with the five viscera through the meridians, “The difference between the hand Shaoyin and the tongue is the root of the tongue, the pulse of the foot Shaoyin is connected to the tongue, the pulse of the Jueyin of the foot is connected to the tongue, the pulse of the foot Taiyin is connected to the tongue, and the scattered Under the tongue.” Therefore, the condition of the human body’s viscera, qi and blood, body fluid, and the severity of the disease may all be reflected on the tongue.

Look at the tongue for an abnormality

A normal and healthy tongue, mother should know, is light red and thin white fur. For example, the child below has a pale red tongue and lips, covered with a thin layer of cream, and this layer of cream is relatively uniform. However, since our main concern is health, look at the anomalies in order to find the problem. For example, this adult’s tongue is typically red on the tip of the tongue. Dong Junzuo immediately gave the following judgments after seeing the tongue:Irritable, impulsiveDifficulty falling asleep, restless sleepDry eyes< /span>Prone to tonsil inflammation, mouth ulcers, acne, etc.yellow urineIf there is a cough, it is usually a dry cough, and it is not easy to heal After further consultation, the owner of the tongue said that these symptoms are all the same A proof.

The tongue is abnormal and can be mapped to the body

Teacher Dong said that the tip of the tongue belongs to the heart and lungs, the middle of the tongue belongs to the spleen and stomach, the root of the tongue belongs to the kidney, and the sides of the tongue belong to the liver and gallbladder. In addition, the upper, middle and lower parts of the tongue can correspond to the upper, middle and lower focus of the body. The abnormal conditions we see on the tongue can correspond to these corresponding organs and body parts. For this person, the red on both sides of the tongue means there is fire in the liver and gallbladder. The tip of the tongue is red, there is heart fire, there is fire on the upper coke, and there is a thick white coating on the bottom, and there is cold. Therefore, it is more difficult for this person to fall asleep, and it is also unstable after falling asleep. In addition, it is hot and hot, the head and face may appear, the eyes are easy to dry, the throat may be inflamed, the mouth ulcers, the face acne and other symptoms. Finally, if the red tongue does not go down, the cough is usually a dry cough, and it is not easy to heal.

Conditioning Methods

Recovery for a week The smooth operation of the flow

The movement of the human body’s qi machine is carried out in the form of circular movement, and this movement is called a qi circulation. For example, the movement of the Ren and Du meridians is one of the circular movements. The Ren Vessel passes through the Du Vessel at the top of the head to the back, and then reaches the Ren Vessel in the front, making a circle around the body. A person with a red tip of the tongue means that the fire cannot go down in the upper burner, and the water cannot come up under the lower burner. It can be achieved by restoring the circular motion, that is, letting the Ren meridian rise up and guiding the fire through the cervical spine and the Du meridian of the back. . clump scraping specific scraping and combing techniques, you can choose scraping and combing Three-band, scapular ring, and cubital scraping. In addition, you can use the method of setting fire to descend, for example, after soaking your feet in warm water at night, apply ginger slices to Yongquan acupoint. This will make it easier to recover.

Tongue Clinic

Tongue masters physical condition

If you also want to understand the tongue, understand the child’s physical condition, and know what to choose for the child The food, but also know the general idea of ​​conditioning. You can choose the latest tongue diagnosis course developed by Yangpapa and Dong Junzuo. This tongue diagnosis class will have a more systematic and detailed explanation of our tongue. For example, it will be interpreted from the aspects of the size of the tongue, the hardness of the tongue, the width of the tongue, the moisturizing of the tongue, the height of the tip of the tongue, the unevenness of the middle of the tongue, the thickness of the base of the tongue, and the distribution of tongue coating. There will be a Qi Zhouliu and the Five Elements Theory, as well as detailed explanations of actual cases of tongue diagnosis. Some mothers who have studied have reported that when she finishes learning, it feels very simple and convenient to use. One qi cycle theory Actually, this course is at the request of goat fans. Born, because we used to do syndrome differentiation for children mainly by inquiries, many mothers want to have another way to judge whether their syndrome differentiation is accurate. Moreover, tongue diagnosis also has the advantage of observing the tongue immediately after conditioning the child, so that you can know whether the conditioning is in the right direction or not, and the feedback is more timely. In addition, looking at the tongue increases trust. Think about it, when you can tell the general situation of your body by looking at your tongue, then the other party’s trust in you will indeed increase a lot. With a foundation of trust, the effect may also be much better. Actually, the Gua Sha class, the vision class and the tongue diagnosis class are all in the same line, and they all restore the body’s health by restoring the smooth operation of the Qi Zhou. In the process of self-driving tour, then the tongue diagnosis class is the compass and meridian class, which is the Beidou positioning system, and the scraping class is the vehicle. Conditioning will also go to a new level. For mothers who have studied course B, the ability to improve tongue diagnosis will greatly improve the diagnosis level. The use of Chinese patent medicine will also be more handy.

New Mode of Tongue Diagnosis Training Camp

Community class + homework guidance

Daddy Sheep will start a new learning mode in this tongue diagnosis class. To sum up, it is the community leading class + the homework guidance of the class teacher. The community leads the class, that is, in the community, the class teacher leads everyone to study together. The atmosphere of concentrated study is good, and the efficiency will be higher. Homework tutoring, that is, students’ homework, will be given unified tutoring by the head teacher.Questions will also be answered. Scanning the QR code of the poster to learn the course▼LecturerMr. Dong Junzuo strong>Born in a family of traditional Chinese medicineThe representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project “Dong’s Medicine”Traditional Chinese medicine< strong>Course DurationOpen once, you can study foreverLearning feeThe original price is 799 yuanNow scan the QR code to consult “ask questions” to get the preferential priceOnly the first 100 ▼ sheep Dad – Health Empowers Families in the WorldUse the simplest, most vivid and practical language to spread TCMLet ordinary families learn to use TCM to solve children’s health problemsand incorporate health concerns into everyday lifewidth=”600″> Click [read original]search for keywords to read historical articles