Overnight in the mountains! A scenic spot in Shaanxi is full of tourists and it is hard to find a bed, and everyone covers the floor with plastic sheets and sleeps

On July 24, it was reported on the Internet that the Taibai Mountain Dayehai scenic spot in Baoji, Shaanxi Province was full of tourists. Because many tourists could not find a place to stay, they were forced to huddle together and sleep on the floor, using plastic tarpaulins several meters long as quilts. On July 25, the staff of the uncle sea accommodation told Jimu News reporter that due to a heavy rain on the 22nd, the scenic spot was closed, and many tourists gathered to go up the mountain on Saturday, so that the accommodation was full. .”

Video screenshot

The online video shows a dozen tourists wearing down jackets, lying on the ground close to each other , The tourists took several meters of red, blue and white plastic tarpaulins as quilts and slept on the ground. Someone in the video said “let it fire here”. Once the above-mentioned video was released, it aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some netizens said that “there are not hotels everywhere, and nature reserves are not allowed to engage in development, so we must do a good job of strategy” and “spend money to buy sins”.

Jimu News reporter learned from an interview that the filming location in the online video is located near the Dayehai scenic spot in the Taibai Mountain Scenic Spot in Baoji, Shaanxi Province.

A hotel staff at the foot of Taibai Mountain Scenic Spot told Jimu News reporter that the traffic in the scenic spot has been very heavy recently, and tourists cannot drive up the mountain. The accommodation on the mountain is Datongpu, and the environment is average.

The staff of the Uncle Sea accommodation introduced to the Jimu News reporter that at present, the Uncle Sea accommodation cannot be booked temporarily, but tourists can call one day in advance, and the staff will help recommend accommodation according to the passenger flow. The uncle sea accommodation is calculated on a per capita basis and charges 150 yuan per person. It is a canopy bed and has a quilt mattress, but you need to bring your own toiletries. The accommodation provides a place to wash, and there are places where you can buy breakfast.

About the video of tourists huddled together for the night, the staff member said that a heavy rain fell on July 22, which closed the scenic spot, and many tourists gathered on the mountain on Saturday, causing the accommodation to be full. , “Generally there is no such situation.”

The staff of Taibai Mountain Scenic Spot told Jimu News reporter that some tourists choose to live on the mountain if they want to watch the sunrise on the mountain. There are three accommodation points on the mountain, and the accommodation point in Dayehai is relatively close to the summit, so everyone wants to live in Dayehai, so that it is convenient to get up early to go to the summit to watch the sunrise. ” Tourists voluntarily stay on the mountain for the night, but on the mountain There is a certain limit for the accommodation capacity of the hotel.”

“We will remind travelers that there is no accommodation on the mountain, and don’t go any further.” The above-mentioned staff Introduction, because the Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve cannot be over-developed, there are no hotels on the mountain, only accommodation.

The staff of Baoji Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism told Jimu News reporters that they will immediately report the video and intervene in processing it.

About the price of the accommodation charges in the scenic spot, the staff member explained that the related charges of the scenic spot have certain standards, which can only be implemented after verification and formal approval by the price department.

Source: Jimu News