Outstanding Contributor to the Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shijiazhuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Skilled in technology and high in medical ethics, Wang Juan, director of the Department of Endocrinology in the East Branch of Shijiazhuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, interprets the responsibility of a doctor with her silent dedication for more than 30 years.

Serve attentively and win the trust of patients

According to Wang Juan, she often encounters patients with diabetic foot and bedsores in her clinical work, some of which are accompanied by symptoms such as body tissue ulceration and pus. When serving these patients, as a clinician in the endocrinology department, you must not only have superb medical skills, but also have a sense of responsibility as a doctor.

In February 2022, Wang Juan admitted a diabetic patient with diabetic foot gangrene. This patient had a long medical history, poor pancreatic islet function, poor glycemic control, and severe diabetic foot ulceration. After receiving the consultation, Wang Juan learned that the patient’s blood sugar fluctuated greatly and his diet was irregular. In response to this situation, Wang Juan repeatedly explained to the patients that the dietary pattern of diabetic patients is the basis for good blood sugar control, and gave suggestions to improve the daily diet in combination with the patients’ eating habits. Coupled with a personalized treatment plan, the patient’s blood sugar and infection were quickly controlled.

The treatment of local wound dressing for diabetic foot gangrene is extremely important for the prognosis of the disease. Wang Juan often performs ulcer debridement and dressing change for this patient. In less than a month, the patient’s wound was basically healed, and a pennant was sent to him after discharge.

For more than 30 years, Wang Juan treats every patient carefully, communicates patiently, and provides accurate diagnosis, no matter whether it is mild or severe. The pennants, letters of thanks, and thanks are all treasured by Wang Juan, which contains not only the patients’ affirmation of her medical skills, but also the motivation for her to work hard in the future.

Learn from a famous doctor and improve the level of diagnosis and treatment

As the saying goes: “Doing one line of work, loving a line of work” .” Wang Juan thinks that it is necessary to “do one line of work, and one line of excellence”. Since graduating from Hebei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1990, Wang Juan has been engaged in clinical diagnosis and treatment, teaching and scientific research of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. In order to improve her professional level, in 1994, she went to Shanghai Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, under the tutelage of Professor Xi Jiuyi, a famous doctor in Shanghai. In 2007, Wang Juan went to the Endocrinology Department of Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital for further study, under the tutelage of Professor Yang Wenying and Professor Li Guangwei.

Years of knowledge accumulation and rich clinical practice have allowed Wang Juan to form some unique insights in the treatment of endocrine diseases. For the treatment of diabetic foot gangrene, she attaches great importance to the comprehensive treatment concept of “emphasis on both Chinese and Western, and the whole and local”, put forward “blood stasis caused by evil”, and developed a variety of external medicines. She insists on the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases by the method of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine; for hyperuricemia and gout, she puts forward the academic viewpoint of “deficiency of the spleen and kidney, internal dampness causes arthralgia”; she attaches great importance to the treatment concept of nourishing the kidney, reducing fire, nourishing the heart and soothing the mind, and appropriate The application of estrogen supplementation therapy has been recognized and praised by patients with menopausal syndrome.

Be proactive and promote the development of the department

According to Wang Juan, Shijiazhuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine The East Campus was completed and put into use in 2018. At that time, the clinical work in the East Campus was faced with many difficulties, such as difficult start, heavy workload, numerous affairs, and insufficient staff. But no one in the endocrinology team she led “backed off.” They are not afraid of difficulties and take the initiative to ask for help, and they have been actively working from the first day in the East Campus. After nearly 4 years of hard work, the Department of Endocrinology in the East Branch of Shijiazhuang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed into a department with more than 50 beds, a sound team of medical and nursing talents, and complete diagnosis and treatment equipment.

In addition to the daily work of diagnosis and treatment, Wang Juan also undertakes the task of postgraduate training and teaching. In addition to her clinical work, she has published more than 30 academic papers, completed 5 treatises, and participated in 4 provincial and municipal scientific research projects. Books such as “Clinical Series” and “Picture-in-Picture in Public Health” series have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

“The road is a long way to go, I will go up and down and search for it”. On the path of becoming a doctor, Wang Juan has been meticulous in her medical practice, persistent in her work, sincere in her conduct, and dedicated to serving her patients.

(Yan Du Rong media reporter Tan Yanan)