Other places can bargain, why can’t you get to the hospital?

At a gathering of friends a few days ago, I met a few people who were not in the medical circle. The original harmonious environment was broken by a few arguments.

Intoxicated, several people started with you and me saying how dark the hospital is. Insinuation, that means, your doctors don’t have a good thing.

As soon as this voice came out, no one could bear it. The leader is the young and vigorous Dr. Liu.

After putting down the trembling glass, he said with a serious face: The price is set by the hospital, and our doctors are only providing treatment plans for everyone. Let’s be cheaper, cut out the plan, or get a few cheap drugs to fool it?

Seeing the tense atmosphere, Dr. Zhang Heshi started talking. Don’t look at Dr. Zhang’s skills, there is nothing outstanding, but he is still very good at socializing. It was he who set up this wine party.

Dr. Zhang deliberately coughed twice and said, “Well, I can neither blame the hospital nor the doctor. Of course, I can’t blame the patients who came to see a doctor, let me take it slow.

In the past, the doctor-patient relationship was indeed harmonious. At that time, when patients came to the hospital, they would unconditionally obey the doctor’s instructions. But not now, most patients will reserve some knowledge to see a doctor. Therefore, objectively speaking: the heart of the doctor is very tired.

It is not absolute about not being able to bargain, this is only a one-sided understanding of the public. In fact, to a certain extent, it can be negotiated. It’s just that the doctor and you are discussing the treatment plan, not the money. In the past, even many doctors didn’t know what the actual cost of various treatments was. To put it bluntly, the doctor is only focused on seeing a doctor. It is only after the doctor-patient relationship has become complicated in recent years that doctors pay attention to prices.

In the past, whether it was out-of-pocket payments or health insurance, neither side focused on price. Later, it was true that with the rise in medical prices, the common people could not bear it, so they had to take the price very seriously. However, the medical system at this time is still in the old model and continues to move forward. Therefore, the contradiction becomes more and more obvious.

For example, when the doctor feels that another CT scan may make the appearance of the tumor clearer. However, at this time, only the money for a CT and the only money for meals were left in the patient’s pocket. Of course, the patient will be dissatisfied with the CT scan at this time.

So there is no opportunity for patients to bargain with doctors?

Actually, there are opportunities during treatment. For example, when doctors formulate a plan, they generally do not “take a road in Huashan”, but give patients several choices. In other words, there may be changes in the regimen during the treatment. At this time, you can also appropriately ask the doctor about the price, and the doctor will not be angry, please rest assured.

In addition, with the gradual popularization of DRG payment, it is not necessary for patients to settle accounts, and doctors also need to learn to settle accounts. Because, once it is not calculated well, it will exceed the cost. Costs are always exceeded, and hospital leaders are looking for a conversation.

In general, doctors did not have to settle accounts in the past, but today’s doctors must learn to settle accounts. Therefore, everyone does not have to worry about the problem that the hospital may overcharge. The only thing that needs to be done is to cooperate with the treatment with peace of mind. Of course, if you have any questions, you can always ask, knowing is necessary.

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