Only after the age of 60 will you understand that life is actually a dream


You will understand many things after the age of 60. In fact, some things in this world are really not that simple. Sometimes you seem to have no problem, but when you do it, you will have a big problem. Sometimes what you have worked so hard to do is in vain in the end, and you get nothing.

Only after the age of 60 will you understand that life is actually a dream.

01.60 years old, life has come to an end

You don’t realize until you’re 60 that your life has come to an end and that everything you do is just a dream. At this time, your life has no meaning. What you did when you were young is actually still experiencing at this time, but it is in the past tense.

Only at this moment do you realize that you have actually gained nothing from the things you have worked so hard for. In fact, many things are like this, we really don’t need to think too much, we must know that if you think too much, it will lead to the discovery of various problems, life itself is in a flash, we don’t need to be too persistent.

You will not know until you are 60 years old. In fact, everything in life is determined by fate. Everything in life itself is not so easy. More often than not, we really shouldn’t think about too many things. We must understand that if you think too much about some things, it will only cause unnecessary troubles for yourself , nothing makes sense.

02. After the age of 60, I realized that many times in life are in memory

When you are 60 years old, you will understand that in fact, life is often just a memory. , You didn’t enjoy a happy life when you were young, and you didn’t enjoy this life when you entered old age.

After the age of 60, you will find that everything in life is actually meaningless. Everything we do seems to be superfluous. At this time What you do will not attract others’ attention at all, and your life will only bring you a lot of tragedies, and everything is over.

Once you are over 60, you will find that the curtain has come to an end in your life. Many times, many things are like this. When you think it is normal, it is abnormal. In fact, many times it is worse. We must understand that life is a drama, and many times You don’t need to take it too seriously.


< p data-track="27">After the age of 60, in fact, everything is in the memory, some things, we must know, don’t always feel that life is meaningless, because everything in this world is beautiful, if you want If you have too much, there will be problems. If you don’t think about anything, life is easy. Life itself is a dream. Don’t always worry about other things.