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Jinan Flower Garden Park in midsummer is shady with green trees, full of fragrant flowers, and has a unique style. The center of the park is a small but very unique man-made lake with lotus flowers, which is very beautiful. All kinds of flowers around the lake compete for beauty, and the sculptures are so cute and cute, like dolls that sneak into the flowers, making them a good place for citizens to relax and enjoy the cool in summer.

After several days of rain, the Crescent Moon Spring in Jinan Wulongtan Park spewed cheerfully, and the spring water splashed all over the place, like a waterfall, forming the spectacle of “Crescent Moon Waterfall”. “Crescent Moon Waterfall” is a rare sight. When the water is abundant, the spring water gushes out from the mushroom cloud-shaped rockery and cascades down the waterfall, like a waterfall or a water curtain. What are you waiting for, go check in now!

In midsummer, Jinan Yingxiongshan Scenic Spot has dense vegetation, fresh air and green eyes. Walking on the forest path, admiring the beautiful scenery of the scenic spot, listening to the birds singing attentively, makes people feel happy and linger. Nowadays, green roads Surrounded by green hills, shaded by trees, it is quiet and cool, like a “green tunnel”, where you can jog or walk, relaxing and comfortable.

On August 3, congratulations to the intelligence officers “Sunshine Xiake” and “Rain” The photographic works of Luo Lily and Quancheng Steel were displayed on the interactive version of “One Point Calendar”, and their works will also be included in the “One Point Calendar” exclusive customized cultural creation!

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At the same time, the interactive version of the one-point calendar is still hotly solicited

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At the same time, your works will also have the opportunity to be included in the exclusive customized cultural creation of “One Point Calendar”!

[Participation method]: Download the official client of Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yidian, click on the information station to participate in the topic # Yidian Calendar Photography Collection, red envelopes and gifts are waiting for you# Send works and Detailed introduction (1) shooting location (2) shooting scene (3) shooting month and date (4) description of the work.

Note: The work must be my own original work. All photographers who submit works and Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian share the copyright

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