One of the “Weifang, Weifang Again” series of reports: Why did Weifang do the pre-made dishes?

Opportunity favors the prepared. When the trend of prefabricated dishes came, and Weifang decisively and firmly declared the goal of building “the first city of Chinese prefabricated food industry”, the future of this city became even more exciting…< /p>

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Weifang, general manager Inadvertently, it attracts the attention of the outside world. This time, it’s because of pre-made dishes.

The “Two Sessions” held in Weifang recently put forward the development vision of building “the first city of Chinese prefabricated food industry”, and strive to complete the industry within three years The chain scale reaches 300 billion yuan.

Agriculture is Weifang’s absolutely advantageous industry. What are the odds of Weifang winning the trillion-dollar race track for prefabricated vegetables? How will it empower the future of the city? From now on, Shandong will launch three series of reports “Weifang, Weifang Again”, focusing on Weifang’s industrial layout and development ambitions.

Weifang once again stood at the forefront of the times and the market.

The China (Weifang) Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Development Conference, which will be unveiled on April 23, shows that Weifang spares no effort to seize the new prefabricated food track.

Correspondingly, the “Two Sessions” held in Weifang a few days ago clearly proposed to build the first city in China’s prefabricated food industry, and strive to complete the whole process within three years. The scale of the industrial chain reaches 300 billion yuan.

Inspiring goals and roadmaps.

Under the influence of the epidemic, pre-made dishes have become a new trend. The capital market is the most direct perceiver, and the stock prices of many listed companies of pre-prepared vegetables have risen continuously.

Optimistic market participants judge that the prefabricated vegetable industry will become a new trillion-dollar blue ocean. For this industry, all parts of the country are eager to try it out. As the leader of modern agriculture in China, Weifang is no exception.

Before, Weifang was out of the circle because of high-end manufacturing, social governance and other topics, and became a dark horse in urban competition, attracting great attention from all walks of life.

This time, Weifang took the lead again. Will Weifang succeed? What does it depend on? Where is the bottom line?

Questions like this test urban policymakers.

In order to make an industry bigger, stronger and better, it must have core advantages that cannot be replicated, especially when it jumps to a scale of 100 billion.

From a practical point of view, Weifang has both the industrial chain and supply chain aggregation effect of the development of prepared dishes. Entering the prefabricated dish track is just in time and right in time.

Weifang contributes 7.2‰ of grain and 15.7‰ of vegetables with 1‰ of the country’s fresh water and 1.7‰ of land. The “rice bag”, “vegetable basket”, “meat case” and “orchard”.

In 2020, Weifang’s agricultural output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, accounting for a quarter of Shandong’s. The high-quality development of Weifang’s agriculture is not only reflected in the scale, but more concentrated in clustering, technology, greening and integration, which truly polishes the golden signboard of “National Agriculture looks at Shandong, Shandong Agriculture looks at Weifang”.

What is commendable is that, as a pioneer of China’s agricultural industrialization, Weifang is also the creation of the “three models” that General Secretary Xi Jinping has affirmed many times. By.

The powerful genes of innovation and development, the mature experience that can be used for reference, and the extremely solid industrial foundation, there is not much suspense about the success of Weifang’s preemption.

A long time ago, Weifang had been experimenting with the prefabricated vegetable industry. Weifang currently has 1,648 registered pre-prepared vegetable production enterprises with an industrial scale of 15 billion yuan, especially in raw material production, food processing, leading enterprises, and market capacity. good condition.

Delis, Zhucheng Foreign Trade, Huifa, Legang, Xinhesheng, Mingji Zhonghui, Shouguang Vegetable Industry Group, etc. A leading enterprise of prefabricated vegetables, constantly leading the breakthrough of Weifang’s prefabricated vegetables industry.

More importantly, these companies have won high recognition from the market. Two Weifang enterprises, including Delis and Qingqing Baifu, both provided pre-made vegetables to the Winter Olympics, which further demonstrated Weifang’s leading edge in the field of pre-made vegetables.

A solid industrial chain is the foundation, and a complete supply chain is the guarantee.

In March this year, Weifang, as an important node city in the Bohai Rim region, connects the Shandong Peninsula and inland areas. An important hub, it has been successfully included in 80 national comprehensive transportation hub cities.

Weifang’s well-developed logistics industry also provides basic advantages for the development of the prefabricated vegetable industry, especially warehousing logistics and cold chain transportation, which provide prefabricated food for Weifang. The development of the dish provided support. Zhucheng’s market share of low-temperature meat products and quick-frozen condiments ranks first in the same industry in the country; Shouguang, as the “hometown of vegetables”, is an important vegetable distribution center, price formation center, and logistics distribution center in the country…

If you want to flourish, you must first have a firm foundation. The completeness of the industrial chain and supply gives Weifang a first-mover advantage in the development of prefabricated dishes. It is precisely because of this that Weifang has the best conditions and hopes to move to the top of the entire industrial value chain, taking the lead in winning industrial dividends, laying its foundation in one fell swoop. Leading position in the prepared vegetable industry.

This is the real reason why we are optimistic about Weifang’s choice of the prefab track.

Chance favors the prepared. When the trend of prefabricated dishes came, and Weifang decisively and firmly declared the goal of building “the first city of Chinese prefabricated food industry”, the future of this city became even more exciting…< /p>

(Phoenix Net Shandong Zhang Shunjun)