One of the historical mysteries: The Mystery of Cixi’s Night Pearl

Luminous pearl is a fluorite mineral. The reason for its luminescence is that it contains rare earth elements, which is caused by the movement of electrons in the mineral.

Fluorite carved into pearls is called luminous pearls. The luminous luminous pearls are not pearls produced by mussels. There are still many mysteries in the night pearl, which have not yet been understood by experts. It is still an ancient mystery that has not been fully solved yet.

The nearest night pearl to us, the most famous one, is probably the one with “Mei Ling decorated shoes” in Cixi’s mouth. According to the person who robbed Cixi’s tomb, that is, Sun Dianying: This bead is divided into two pieces, and when closed, it is a round ball, which is transparent and dull when separated. There are records: it is said that it weighs forty-two-two cents and seven cents (total 133.4375 grams today). Cixi kept it in her mouth to keep her body from disintegrating.