On April 28, Jinan added 2,778 people who were closely connected and key groups of

On April 29, the reporter learned from the Jinan New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference that at 0:00 on April 28, 2022 As of 24:00, the city reported 6 new local confirmed cases and 25 local asymptomatic infections, all of whom are currently receiving treatment and medical observation at the Shandong Provincial Public Health Clinical Center, and their condition is stable. One local confirmed case in the city was discharged from hospital, and 17 local asymptomatic infections were released from medical observation.

Among the 31 new cases of local positive infection, 25 cases were found in centralized isolation points, closed control areas, and control areas; 6 cases were found in community screening, including 4 cases in Lixia District , 1 case in Licheng District, and 1 case in Jinan High-tech Zone. The trajectory of the relevant positive infected person involves risk point information, which will be released on the official website of the Jinan Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Citizens who overlap with the risk points of the relevant personnel’s activity trajectory should take the initiative to report to the disease control department in their jurisdiction as soon as possible, and cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures. A special reminder is that people who enter and leave Tianma Xiangcheng North District and Kecheng Yujing Community within 7 days are required to report actively, and 14 days of home health monitoring will be implemented according to general contacts.

On the evening of April 28, the Jinan on-site joint headquarters of the provincial and municipal epidemic disposal work held a working meeting. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to further strengthen confidence and determination, implement various prevention and control measures more quickly, decisively, scientifically and accurately, and weave the prevention and control line of defense closely. The meeting made arrangements for the scientific and standardized organization of nucleic acid testing in some areas, improving the service level of “one point and two areas”, and strengthening the management of key places and groups.

At the critical moment when the prevention and control of the epidemic in Jinan is currently in a stalemate, the municipal party committee and government have further increased the efforts to trace the source of the epidemic, conducted in-depth and detailed investigations and sorted out potential risks, and dynamically delineated the “three districts” to quickly cut off the spread of the epidemic. chain. From 0:00 to 24:00 on April 28, 2,778 people were added to the close contact and key groups of people who were closely monitored and controlled, and 208 new sealed control areas, control areas, and prevention areas were newly designated. Give full play to the strengths of community cadres, grid personnel, property personnel, volunteers, etc., further strengthen the mobilization of nucleic acid testing organizations, optimize the process and efficiency of “collecting and submitting inspection reports”, and ensure that all inspections should be checked and controlled at the fastest speed. Source of infection.

Take this opportunity to inform everyone: In the preliminary epidemiological investigation track announced on April 28, cases 9, 10, 11, 13, 18, 23, 24, and 28 were The elderly and children who are often at home are caused by infections within multiple families, which are clustered cases in the family and have nothing to do with participating in nucleic acid testing and sampling. Under the condition that staff operate in a standardized manner, everyone wears masks in a standardized manner, maintains a safe distance, and circulates outdoor air, the risk of cross-infection in large-scale nucleic acid testing is very low, and citizens do not need to worry too much. Here, the general public is reminded to maintain a safe distance when carrying out nucleic acid sampling, abide by relevant protection requirements, obey the arrangements of community staff, adhere to the standard wearing of masks throughout the process, and fulfill their health responsibilities to others and the society while protecting themselves.

According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have continuously adjusted and optimized social control measures. Comprehensively strengthen the management of various key personnel, strictly implement “point-to-point” closed-loop management for those who have entered the economy and return to the economy in key areas, and “five small places”, “gig workers” and those engaged in catering, retail, takeaway, express delivery, housekeeping and other industries. Floating practitioners, and strictly implement community epidemic prevention and control management. Comprehensively strengthen the management and control of key sites, implement classified and graded management of construction sites, increase temperature measurement and code inspection at railways, highways, airports, long-distance passenger transportation and other transportation sites, further clarify hotel and hotel management methods and penalties, and strengthen fever clinics and retail pharmacies. The role of “sentinel” and “probe” is to build a strong early warning barrier for the epidemic, and to achieve social clearance as soon as possible.

Next, Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will continue to do a good job in handling the current epidemic situation, speed up the investigation and disposal of key risk sites, and continue to improve nucleic acid testing, isolation and transfer, information management, community grid management, etc. Prevention and control capabilities, as always, strengthen the “one point and two areas” (centralized isolation points, closed control areas, and control areas) to ensure the life and medical services of the masses, refine the implementation of 25 measures to help enterprises, 10 financial services and other measures, and steadily promote qualified The construction sites started to resume work, promoting the smooth and orderly operation of the economy and society.

Tomorrow will enter the “May 1st” holiday. In view of the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, we hereby encourage the general public to stay for the holidays, not to travel across cities, not to travel across provinces unless necessary, and not to go to China.

, In high-risk areas, all teachers, students and employees of all types of schools in the city will not leave in principle. Advocate home leave, reduce the flow of people, do not have meals and gatherings, and reduce the risk of infection. Strictly implement the policy of limiting the flow of tourist attractions and parks, and implement “reservation and staggered peak” admission to avoid crowding.

(Reported by Dazhong Daily client reporter Duan Tingting and Wang Jian)