Official announcement! The average price cut is more than 50%

On July 22, Xu Shuqiang, director of the Department of System Reform of the National Health Commission, introduced at a press conference that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has put “treatment as the center”. “It has been transformed into “people’s health as the center”, and a series of important reform measures have been launched to solve the problems of difficult and expensive medical treatment for the masses.

Focusing on the problem of the high cost of medical treatment for the masses, my country promotes the centralized procurement and use of medical consumables organized by the state , to reduce the artificially high drug prices. The average price of selected drugs in the seven batches of centralized procurement that has been carried out has been reduced by more than 50%, and the average price of two batches of consumables centralized procurement has been reduced by more than 80%. The cumulative cost is about 300 billion yuan. Deepen the reform of the review and approval system, speed up the launch of new and good drugs, promote the consistency evaluation of drugs, and reduce the burden of drug use by the masses.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

[Source: Anhui Finance and Economics Network]

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