Nourishing the kidney, moisturizing the lungs, improving eyesight, wolfberry is the most nourishing

Lycium barbarum is a commonly used medicine and food, and it is also known as “the three treasures of traditional Chinese medicine for longevity” along with ginseng and Polygonum multiflorum.

Lu You, a longevity poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, had dim eyes when he was old, I insisted on eating a cup of wolfberry soup every day to heal, so I wrote a poem in praise of wolfberry fruit: “Xueji Maotang Zhongqing Qing, morning fasting wolfberry soup.”

Goji berry promotes longevity and youthfulness

Lycium barbarum is mild in nature, sweet in taste, and it is good for the liver, The kidney meridian has the functions of nourishing the kidney, moistening the lung, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight. “Ben Cao Jing Shu” states: “Lycium barbarum, moisturizing and nourishing, can also reduce fever, and it is specialized in invigorating the kidney, moistening the lung, producing body fluid, and replenishing qi, which is the key to nourishing the internal heat due to deficiency of liver and kidney yin and fatigue. Medicine. Seventy-eight out of ten people with yin deficiency in the elderly, so taking food is the top grade for improving eyesight.”

< p data-track="10">Compendium of Materia Medica also called it “supplementing the deficiency of essence and qi, easy color, whitening, eyesight and nerves, longevity, long-term wear, strong muscles and bones, light body and not old” .

Modern scientific research determined that Wolfberry contains human Essential carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, lycium barbarum polysaccharide, multivitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and other ingredients can be used to prevent and treat diabetes, hyperlipidemia, liver disease and tumors, enhance immune function, and protect liver ,anti aging.

cooking Systematic

Lycium barbarum has a mild taste and is safe to take. It is a medicinal and edible product announced by the Ministry of Health, and is more and more popular among people, especially the elderly.

Traditionally, there are many ways to eat, such as porridge, Cooking soup, soaking wine, making soup, cooking dishes, such as wolfberry porridge, wolfberry chrysanthemum and spinach soup, wolfberry wine, banana pear and wolfberry soup, wolfberry braised ginseng sausage, etc. However, these food methods are affected by factors such as water temperature and decoction time, and some of the active ingredients will be destroyed.

What should I pay attention to when making meals with wolfberry?

First, when eating wolfberry, do not Wash for a long time to avoid loss of active ingredients, just wash with warm water.

Secondly, in the soup , When cooking porridge and medicated food, do not decoct wolfberry for a long time. Soak the hair, put it in when it is about to come out of the pan, and stir fry a little.

The wolfberry fruit cooked in this way is bright red and pleasing to the eye. It increases appetite, and the active ingredients will not be lost.

Direct chewing is the most nourishing

Goji berries can Soak water instead of tea, you can take wolfberry alone or soak it in water with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, hawthorn, etc. and add rock sugar. The soaked wolfberry can be taken out and chewed and swallowed.

If it is purely for nourishing the body and maintaining health , It is better to eat wolfberry directly dry chewing, so that its active ingredients can be fully absorbed. And wolfberry has a sweet and palatable taste, soft texture, no medicinal bitterness, suitable for chewing.

How to take: Wash the wolfberry with water, drain Dry water, chew carefully in the mouth until the body fluid in the mouth is dyed red and yellow, and then swallow slowly. There are many elderly people who sleep until the middle of the night and feel dry mouth. In severe cases, they will have chapped lips or a dry and hot throat, making it difficult to continue to sleep.

It is generally because the function of the whole body tissues and organs of the elderly begins Deterioration, slowing down of metabolism, decreased saliva secretion, coupled with the decrease in the response level of the nervous system and the decrease in the elasticity of the oral mucosa, Chinese medicine believes that the deficiency of kidney yin causes dry mouth symptoms. Desirable30 grams of wolfberry, chew it before going to bed, usually it will take effect after 10 days.

Eating medlar to nourish the body requires long-term adherence to be effective, but do not overdo it. It is advisable to consume 10-20 grams per day for the elderly with weak constitution. If necessary for treatment, it can be increased to 30 grams per day. gram.

It should be noted that any , Cold, fever, inflammation, spleen deficiency and dampness, diarrhea should not take wolfberry; wolfberry has the effect of excitatory nerves, and it is not suitable for people with hypersexuality.