No matter what, you don’t know anyone! (profound)

In this life,

some things , often understand suddenly;

Some people, often understand suddenly.

People you think you know well,

Overheard what he and others say about you,


where did he put you.

Experience an event,

familiar people suddenly become strangers ;

A few words,

Those who are close and distant.

Some people,

You think he is sincere to you,

but he is just In front of you,


Get along with people,

don’t trust him his mouth, to see his heart.

It doesn’t last forever!
When it really goes through the storm,

you’ll understand,

Who is the one who will be with you in times of trouble,

Who is the one who got it down!

This world,

It’s not that you think you’re close,

your relationship is real close!

Some people,

you think you’re good Better than him,

he would be proud of you and really happy for you.


Some people do one thing in person,

another thing behind.

When by chance you hear a word,

< p data-track="39">I understand,

It turns out he is I don’t think you are better than him.

Life is like a dream, but it is more real than a dream.

The heart is broken, it is really broken;

Friends like wine may not last forever,

Once you see it clearly, you really can’t go back.

Between people,

Be sincere and be honest, /strong>

Without sincere heart,

Sooner or later we will be separated!

Stay away from those,

Follow the interests Opposite person;

In the face of temptation, hurt the person you hurt!

Cherish those,

When the storm comes, the person who holds the umbrella for you,

falls into The people who are with you when you are at a low point!

It’s true, we don’t care about the gains and losses;

< p data-track="60">It’s fake, we don’t need to stay!

This world,< /strong>

There are always people who leave you because of your downfall;

There are always people who come for you because of your true feelings!

Thanks to those,

When you need someone by your side,

in adversity The people who help you,

the people who fall into the trough and remind you!

For your people, remember for a lifetime;

People who lie to you again and again are not worth keeping!

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