No matter what fish you steam, do not do these 2 steps wrong! Teach you the correct way, the fish is tender and not fishy

No matter what fish you are steaming, do not do these 2 steps wrong! Teach you the correct way, the fish is tender and not fishy

Fish has always been a very popular meat, in

In the past, only Fish can only be eaten during the New Year’s holiday or when there are weddings and weddings. Now that the days are better, people can easily eat it no matter where they are. From a nutritional point of view, fish is a kind of meat with high nutritional value. It is low in fat and high in nutrition, and rich in a variety of nutrients. Eating fish often can enhance immunity, strengthen bones, enhance brain vitality, and promote children’s growth and development. There are many benefits. If you don’t usually eat a lot of fish, you should eat more in the future, especially if there are elderly and children at home, you should eat more fish.

It is spring now, which is very suitable for making steamed fish. It is light and delicious, and it is not greasy to eat. It is recommended to cook more for the family. When it comes to steamed fish, some people may have a question. Everyone uses fresh fish. Why do others make it so fresh and delicious, and the more you eat it, the more fragrant it is, but the one you make yourself is always chai and fishy, ​​and it makes people hate it after a bite? It’s a real difference, and it’s distressing.

I encountered the same problem when I first learned to cook. I couldn’t make steamed fish well, even if I put the fish into the steamer at the fastest speed, It’s still hard to eat, and the most important thing is that the fishy smell is unacceptable.

After consulting my chef friends, I found out that there are two steps wrong, although it is a small detail, but doing it wrong will directly affect the quality of the finished product. Bad taste bad taste. So no matter what kind of fish you are steaming, do not do these 2 steps wrong! Teach you the correct way, the fish is tender and not fishy, ​​and you will never get tired of eating it.

How to make steamed fish delicious? Don’t do these 2 steps wrong. I will teach you a trick. It’s delicious. Let me share the detailed steps of making steamed fish, as well as the little skills you need to master. Friends who often can’t do it well, come and have a look. Do it again, it will be more delicious, full of color and flavor.

First of all, which 2 steps cannot be done wrong?

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The first step – when many people clean the fish, they simply rinse it, and focus on the fish scales. They think that the fish scales are removed even if they are cleaned up. In fact, it is not entirely correct to just remove the fish scales because of the fishy smell. There are still many sources, such as fish gills, black membranes, and blood sticking to the bones. If they are not removed, there will be a strong fishy smell, so this step cannot be wrong, and the fish must be cleaned up.

Step 2 – Before steaming the fish, many people are used to smearing some salt on the fish and marinating for a while, thinking that it will be delicious when it is tasted. In fact, this is not right, because the salt is applied Finally, the fish will be dehydrated a lot during the steaming process, so after steaming, the meat will become hard and woody, and it will lose its umami flavor, so this step cannot be done wrong, remember not to apply salt when steaming the fish. You must know that steamed fish is a It is a very light dish, and if you want to eat it, you must accept the taste. You only need to steam the fish and soy sauce to enhance the taste.