Ningxia provides free accommodation for tourists stranded during the silent period

On August 4th, in Zhongwei City, Ningxia, there was a case of a positive nucleic acid test from outside the district. According to the notice of the Zhongwei Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, in order to continue to reduce the risk of personnel mobility and aggregation, and quickly block the virus transmission channel, In the urban area of ​​Shapotou District, Zhongwei City, it is tentatively scheduled for three days (August 4 to 6) to implement silent management.

Zhongwei Tourism, Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television Bureau stated, “Tourists stranded in the lockdown area are requested to report to the city at 9:30 on August 4, 2022. The hotel (hotel) is registered, and the hotel (hotel) shall report to the Zhongwei Tourism, Culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Television Bureau. During the silent management period, the tourists who stay in the closed area will not be responsible for the cost of food and lodging.”

△Food blogger liked it through the short video platform

At 4:00 pm on August 4th, the food blogger ate all over the sky Through the short video platform, he said: “I just received a call from the hotel, and he asked me to refund the remaining room fee, because I booked here for several days, and the front desk told me that the Zhongwei government would be responsible for staying in the hotel. The accommodation costs for tourists in the closed area.”

Zhongwei City is located in the transition zone from the Ningxia Plain to the Loess Plateau. Zhongwei Damaidi rock paintings, Yiwanquan Paleolithic site and other cultural and historical scenic spots, as well as national and provincial intangible cultural heritage projects such as sheepskin raft making skills, mountain flowers, Kou Xian, Sui and Tang Yangko.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Wang Lijiao

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