Night riding, sunset frisbee, city night tour, young people’s new ways to play “Qixi”

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) This year’s “Qixi Festival”, various “night games” have become the first choice for young people to celebrate the festival after get off work. On August 3, data released by Mafengwo showed that among the most popular “Qi Xi” night games among young people, outdoor activities accounted for 50%; Keywords, more than hotels and restaurants in previous years, have become the most popular search terms for this year’s “Qi Xi”.
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Ma Yutao, head of Mafengwo Data Research Center, said: “Young people’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities is unprecedentedly high, which is closely related to the popularity of emerging outdoor games in the past two years, and is also related to young people’s enthusiasm for healthy lifestyles. “In addition to cycling, using a sunset Frisbee to release pressure after get off work, climbing up to enjoy the city’s night view at the beginning of the lantern, or going to a theme park to revel, are all popular ways for young people to celebrate the festival. Data shows that the New Shougang Bridge with bright lights at night is a popular destination for Beijing night riding enthusiasts, with a recent increase of 133% in popularity. Shanghai’s Riverside Trail Night Ride has recently gained 83% in popularity.
In addition to outdoor sports, more and more urban night scenes are favored by young people. In addition to the Olympic Tower in Beijing, the Bund in Shanghai, and the “Xiaomanyao” that Guangzhou people never get tired of seeing, the Chang’an Twelve Hours Theme Street in Xi’an has become a newcomer with Tang-style architecture and immersive market life experience. The popularity of the Internet celebrity check-in place has increased by 48% in the past week.
The major theme parks have also started the “Summer Carnival” mode, with cool electronic music parties, cool water sports, and colorful games to make young people after get off work More good places to go. Mafengwo’s data shows that the average popularity of Happy Valleys across the country has increased by 60%, and the ticket bookings for Happy Valley’s “Qixi Festival” in Beijing, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai are hot on the day.
In addition to the various local play experiences, some young people also choose to take a short trip on the “Tanabata” in the form of “vacation” – this Thursday “Tanabat” Take a total of two days off with this Friday, together with the weekend, you can get four days of free vacation. Popular B&Bs and resort hotels suitable for vacations around the city have risen in popularity. The search popularity of B&Bs in Gubei Water Town in Beijing has risen by 45% in the past week, B&Bs in Moganshan in Hangzhou have risen by 55%, and Xiaoyudong in Pengzhou, Chengdu has become the most popular with an increase of 87%. The most popular short-distance resort around Shudi.
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