Night Reading: I am about to graduate, should I turn my hobby into a career?

Night Reading

#Will you develop a hobby into a career# This topic has once again caused widespread heated discussion among netizens.

Some people say: “The greatest happiness in life is to do what you like, so if you love it, stick to it.”

But others say: “Don’t treat your hobby as a job. , then you will lose even your hobbies!”

So when hobbies meet career choices, how will you choose?

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” When I graduate, should I turn my hobby into a career? 》


I believe that developing a hobby into a career is the dream of most people, and I am one of them. However, there are very few people who want to develop their hobbies into careers, because the competitiveness of society is huge. Sometimes we are forced to, not we choose, but society chooses us.

But I still believe that if I can keep working hard and be prepared all the time, one day when the opportunity comes, I can firmly grasp it and develop my hobby into a career! Even if the final result is unsatisfactory, I hope that I can always stick to my hobby! Because hobbies are an indispensable ray of color in our boring lives.


If possible of course! The world is most envious of those who develop their hobbies and hobbies into careers, do what they love without breaking the law, turn their hobbies into capital, and support themselves and their families. What a blessing

Progressive type

I had a serious talk with my mother in high school, and from then on I chose to major in animation until I graduated with a master’s degree. Now, while working as an animation and game teacher in a university, I also work as an animation screenwriter, and my friends around me are also like-minded. I don’t feel tired, and I only have a small sense of accomplishment every time I make progress. come on! Thank you for your constant support, encouragement and trust! I love you!

Wait and see

A hobby is for enjoyment, when it’s just a hobby, when do you want to do it, for how long, and where It is up to you to decide how much time and energy you spend on it, and the quality of the final product, which is very free.

But careers are bound by all kinds of rules, which dictate how much work you do, when you do it, and the quality of your work. The quality of the finished product is entirely up to others to judge and criticize mercilessly with a professional eye.

In this case, no matter how much you like the thing, you can’t fully enjoy the process. In this way, even if it is not disgusting, it is definitely not a level of “hobby”.

I really hope someone can give me a firm answer – yes, a hobby is being able to turn into a career! It’s not that some people say they can, and some people say they can’t.

When I forwarded this topic to my friend Zi Zi in a confused mood, she mercilessly teased, “You idealist will definitely choose to do so, right?” Use her friend Lulu’s story to argue with me.

Lulu is a liberal arts student, but she was forced to study other majors because her score was too low to choose her favorite journalism major when she failed the college entrance examination.

At university, Lulu became a small campus reporter through her own efforts. She usually took pictures, wrote articles and operated the school’s official public account, which made her campus life both exhausting and fulfilling. After two busy years, Lulu is now a junior this year.

She had vowed in her freshman year and sophomore year that she would cross the examination for a new biography, but now she hesitated. On the one hand, the competition for the postgraduate entrance examination is becoming more and more fierce; on the other hand, the financial situation at home is not enough to support her to concentrate on preparing for the test. In this way, Lulu decided to give up the reporter she wanted to be and choose the Kao Gong who was more “cost-effective” for her.

I think we would all like to turn our hobbies into our jobs if we could. But in real life, we have to admit that when the mushroom umbrella growing in the cloud falls into the world, the impact of the gap on the heart is exponentially multiplied. At the same time, only when the soft body becomes hard can it take root, and it will stand firm despite the wind and rain.

Therefore, before we want to or not, we must ask ourselves – can we. Can you have a strong enough heart to bear the gap between reality and ideal? Can you have enough strength to do a good job in your professional hobby? Can you still maintain the original intention after hard work and hard work?

If you can, I believe that you must be a person with a dream, then please protect your own pursuit; if not, please don’t fall into “I just don’t have the ability, I just don’t love it enough.” “self-moral kidnapping.

Because every choice has its meaning of growth behind it, we should not be too entangled in the right or wrong choice, but should live a wonderful life in the life we ​​choose!

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