“Night City” adds a new landmark, and Leduogang Kale Never Sleeps City is open for free

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Qu Xiaoyi) Gorgeous lighting, national tide masks, amazing Tang Palace night banquet series performances, cool electronic music interaction, as well as a wealth of food, cultural and creative, Trendy goods stalls, etc. This summer, Beijing citizens have another good place to relax at night. On the evening of July 23, the Never Sleeping City neighborhood of Carle Planet Ledo Port was officially unveiled, and it was open to the public for free.
Ledo Port Carle never sleeps free to the public Open, in addition to catering and delicacies, there are also Han and Tang night banquet performances.
Carle Never Sleeps City is located in the Carle Planet·Leduogang Scenic Spot on the north side of Leduogang Holiday Plaza in Changping District. The layout is divided into inner ring and outer ring, with cultural and creative intangible cultural heritage, world cuisine, and street art as the core. At the same time, it also combines trend elements such as open-air parties, beer carnivals, and Internet celebrity check-in, showing the combination of traditional culture and modern fashion atmosphere. leisure experience block. From now on, Kale Never Sleeps City is open to the public free of charge, and there are hundreds of merchants. In addition to food and beverages, there are also programs such as Han and Tang night banquet performances, electronic music carnivals, night parades, and intangible cultural heritage every Friday to Sunday. Iron flower show.
Not long ago, the “2022 Beijing Consumption Season · Night Capital” activity was launched, and the Office of the City Leading Group of Beijing International Consumption Center released version 3.0 of the night economy The policy proposes to create a “night capital” that is inclusive and diverse, business integration, dynamic and static, safe and convenient. According to the 3.0 version of the night economy policy, in order to better meet the people’s high-quality and multi-level night consumption needs, about 10 “Night Capital” characteristic consumption landmarks with domestic and foreign influence will be built, and about 30 have significant nighttime consumption vitality. The “Night Capital City” integrates consumption check-in places, and there are about 40 “Night Capital City” quality consumer life circles with regional guarantees, and the operating entities are given listing support.
Carle Planet·Ledo Harbor has carried out a brand-new night scene lighting in the park layout.
According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of Carle Never Sleeping City, in order to live up to the fireworks in Beijing and create a new experience of Beijing night economy, Carle Planet·Ledo Port is on While the overall park was upgraded and renovated, new arrangements were made for the park’s night lighting, night scenery, performing arts programs, and commodity stalls.
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