“Night at the Museum” is here! Complete the quiz task to get a special medal

Beijing News (Reporters Exhibition Shengjie) The annual “Museum Night” is here. Last night, the reporter came to the Beijing Natural History Museum, where the “Museum Night” event will be held for 5 consecutive days.

Children fill in the knowledge points on the “Museum Passport”. Photo by Beijing News reporter Pu Feng

It is reported that this year’s “Museum Night” activities consist of “Museum Passport Punch Cards”, “Listen to Experts and Star Volunteers’ explanations”, “Participate in Educational Activities” and “Museum Night Talks”. ——This is Beijing” consists of four plates.

As soon as I entered the door, the reporter received a “Museum Passport”. Open the passport, the home page is an introduction to the event process, and then the stamped and punched pages of each exhibition hall. Each exhibition hall lists 2-3 questions, and the answers are hidden in each exhibition hall. After completing the task of answering the questions, you can find the signature messenger of the corresponding exhibition hall to issue a commemorative badge.

Wang Shan, a science teacher and associate research librarian at the Beijing Natural History Museum, introduced that these medals were specially designed and produced by the staff for this year’s “Museum Night” and can only be obtained during the “Museum Night”. “These little messengers with signatures and seals are served by young popular science commentators trained by the Natural History Museum, ranging in age from seven or eight to teens. They stamp for the audience who answered the question correctly, and also answer questions for the audience who have doubts. Don’t look at them I’m young, and basically have experience in popular science.”

The reporter saw that some small lecturers had already taken up their posts to lead the audience around the exhibition. “The explanation team consisting of industry experts, star volunteers and excellent small commentators will be scattered in different exhibition halls to bring you the exhibition halls to explain, and the audience can choose the parts they are interested in and have in-depth discussions with them.” Wang Shan said.

In addition, in the exhibition hall of ancient reptiles, the exhibition hall of friends of animals and humans, the exhibition hall of the plant world, the exhibition hall of the origin of man, the exploration corner and the square in front of the exhibition building, “Drawing Dinosaur Belt Bones” and “production” were carried out respectively. Tentacles hairpins, “Happy Algae Balls”, “Making Shell Necklaces”, “DIY Butterfly Models” and “Walking the Dinosaur Footprints” educational activities. The audience can choose 1-2 activities of interest to participate, and then they can also get the commemorative medals of the activities. .

A small guide will lead the audience to watch the exhibition. Photo by Pu Feng, reporter from the Beijing News

“During the event, the night of museums also launched a special topic ‘This is Beijing’, inviting natural museum research scholars for five consecutive days to share various natural topics in Beijing. , you can also get a medal for participating in the whole process.” Wang Shan said.

An elderly volunteer is explaining. Photo by Beijing News reporter Pu Feng

“The ‘Museum Night’ of the Natural History Museum has been held for more than ten consecutive years. For this event, we have planned for several months. Due to the epidemic, the daily flow of people 800 people.” Wang Shan said that the event has more than 80 staff members distributed in various exhibition halls, and visitors are welcome to visit the Natural History Museum in summer.

Editor Fan Yijing

Proofreading Chen Diyan