New discovery: It turns out that forgetfulness in the elderly is not dementia! Amazing! don’t you know

“I can’t remember anything, I can’t name people I know very well!”

” , doctor, I have ‘dementia’!”

In the outpatient department of neurology of Wuhan Tongji Hospital, many middle-aged and elderly people will complain about the rapid loss of memory as long as they see a doctor, and then try their best to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Yang Yuan, a neuropsychiatrist, said jokingly:Your “old idiot” may really “think” too much.

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I never forget the phone call

< strong>I can’t wait to rummage through my contacts now

Ms. Mu, 48, said she used to memorize phone numbers, but now she can’t wait to rummage through her contacts to find a person’s name.

Son during the college entrance examination this year , her mother-in-law fell and was hospitalized; her father died early, and she had to visit her mother who lived alone every day after get off work.

In the past six months, Ms. Mu has been so busy that either she forgot to print out the materials for her son, or she was always in a daze at work. Originally, I was kind enough to help my mother with something, but when I flipped the phone while burning the ribs, the ribs were also burnt.

“What should I do if I’m really ‘demented’? Who cares, inside and out?” On July 29, she was in front of the doctor, and she burst into tears as she spoke.

Professor Yang Yuan found that many people of Ms. Mu’s age group have elderly people to take care of, their children have not completed their studies, and their families are under great pressure. At this time, their physical strength and energy are obviously inferior to those of young people. Not relieved, still have to work hard with people in their 20s and 30s, which inevitably produces anxiety.

Anxiety affects cognitive function, so treating primary anxiety and depression is fundamental.” Yang Yuan said, Obsessive suspicion, inattention and other symptoms appear, and then desperately “thinking”, blindly worrying, and further aggravating anxiety.

“’dementia’ is Negating their own symptoms, anxiety and depression generally exaggerate symptoms and pay too much attention. At this time, patients actually need to constantly verify and encourage themselves to prove ‘I can do it’! span>


all memory disorders< /span>

but it’s very different from Alzheimer’s< /span>

“As we age, forgetfulness becomes a common problem, and memory impairment is also a pre-symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, so many people have doubts span>.” Professor Yang Yuan said that there are obvious differences between them.

Geriatric forgetfulness manifests as near memory impairment and is partial, can be recalled after being prompted;Alzheimer’s disease (“senile dementia”) is mainly characterized by transient memory impairment, which is complete and cannot be recalled after being prompted strong>.

Old age amnesia is not associated with cognitive deficits, while Alzheimer’s patients often suffer from impairments in time, place, and computing abilities.

Forgetful elderly people will maintain normal emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness and joy, while the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease often become apathetic and lack basic emotional performance.

Forgetful old people have clear thinking, language expression ability and reasoning and analysis ability, while Alzheimer’s disease old people have confused thinking, poor language and lack of sound reasoning and analysis ability.

Forgetful elderly people often appear to be very anxious about poor memory, while Alzheimer’s patients are unaware of their memory loss.

The forgetful elderly can maintain normal self-care ability, while the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease will gradually lose their self-care ability even if they have no physical disease.


Don’t be too scared

Try these things Preventing “Old Crazy”

“Forgetfulness is a normal degenerative change. We should also treat it with a normal mind and actively exercise our brains.

On the other hand, more and more epidemiological Research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease (“senile dementia”) can be prevented, so don’t be too afraid.” Professor Yang Yuan said, Try these suggestions:

● People under the age of 65 should maintain or lose weight, and achieve and maintain a BMI of 18.5-24.9 kg/m2 through a reasonable and balanced physical exercise, calorie intake and regular behavior plan.

● People over 65 should not be too thin. If there is a trend of weight loss, the status of cognitive function should be closely monitored.

● Everyone, especially those over 65 years old, should insist on regular physical exercise.

● Engage in stimulating mental activities, such as reading, playing chess, etc.

● Do not smoke and avoid exposure to tobacco smoke in the environment.

● Ensure adequate and good sleep; consult a doctor or get timely treatment if sleep disturbance occurs.

● Maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid developing diabetes; patients with diabetes should be closely monitored for cognitive decline.

● Maintain a healthy lifestyle, rational drug use, maintain a good state of the cerebrovascular system, and avoid suffering from atherosclerosis, cerebral hypoperfusion or other cerebrovascular diseases. Protect the head and avoid trauma.

● People under the age of 65 should maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid high blood pressure.

● Maintain good mental health; for patients with depressive symptoms, their cognitive function status should be closely monitored.

● Maintain good cardiovascular status; use drug therapy for patients with atrial fibrillation.

● Relax and avoid stress.

● As early as possible, Get more education.

Many people think that forgetfulness is “senile dementia”, so they are afraid of it, but in fact, this is the process of human body aging, and it is still far from “dementia”.

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