New crown patients also have “sequelae”? Survey of more than 10,000 people, these 4 symptoms may be very common

It has been more than two years since the emergence of the new coronavirus. During these two years, many people have been infected with the new coronavirus, but in the past two years With the joint efforts of the medical staff, the patient has recovered after reasonable treatment.

However, some people have obvious sequelae after being cured of the new crown.

Since the emergence of related viruses, many experts and scholars have devoted themselves to the study of the new coronavirus, collecting thousands of books and tens of thousands of cures. data from patients, four sequelae were found to be the most common:

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Type 1: Fatigue p>

Type 2: Dizziness

Type 3: Sleep Disorders

Type 4: Poor memory

Next, let’s listen to the self-reports of people infected with the “new crown”, maybe we can better understand the sequelae of the new crown~

< span>New crown” infected person said: The disease was cured, but the “sequelae” bothered me!