New Consumption Observation | The number of summer homestay bookings has risen, and research and summer vacations have become keywords

Cover reporter Wu Yujia

With the arrival of the summer vacation, the popularity of research and study travel across the country has increased. Significant increase in volume. According to data from Tujia Homestay, the number of homestay bookings on the platform in July more than doubled compared to June, of which parent-child travel orders accounted for 60%.

In addition, the country has continued to experience high temperature and muggy weather in the past month, and summer travel is still the focus of summer travel. The number of B&B reservations around the scenic area with mountains and rivers to escape the summer has doubled compared to June. Among them, Qinghai Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, with its cool climate, saw a rapid increase in the number of summer homestay bookings, an increase of nearly 16 times compared to June.

Booming summer vacation travel, homestay bookings increased by 1.3 times compared to the previous month

“Everyone likes to go out and bring their babies together. B&Bs with swimming pools, lawns, swings, and slides should be booked at least two weeks in advance. You can only book them.” Shen Yilin, the host of the B&B, told reporters. Since the summer vacation, the guests have concentrated on staying on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for three consecutive days. Nearly 60% of the guests are planning to travel together, and three or five families travel together.

The summer vacation in a small courtyard has become a highlight of this summer vacation. According to Tujia B&B data, in July, the number of B&B reservations with children’s entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, sand dredging, handicrafts, fishing, slides, crawls, etc. increased by 187% year-on-year in June, among which reservations for single-family rentals The volume has gradually increased, and the number of single-family bookings in June has increased by more than 30%.

In addition, data shows that the number of homestay bookings on the platform in July increased by 132% month-on-month, of which parent-child travel orders accounted for 60%. As of August 4, the top 10 most popular B&B booking cities on the Tujia platform for summer vacation are: Chongqing, Dali, Beijing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Changsha, Lijiang, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Qinhuangdao. Among them, Chongqing has been the most popular city for summer homestays for three consecutive years.

In terms of the increase in summer bookings, the top 10 cities with the largest increase are: Guoluo, Huludao, Qinhuangdao, Xilin Gol, Qiongzhong, Yanbian, Baishan, Haibei, Hulunbuir, and Yichun. Among them, the average temperature of Qinghai Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the past week has been around 18 degrees. The cool climate has led to a rapid increase in the number of summer vacation homestay bookings, an increase of nearly 16 times from June and an increase of nearly 40% from July 2021. Among them, the number of homestay reservations in Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County increased by nearly 8 times compared with the same period in June, and doubled compared with the same period in July 2021.

With the arrival of high temperatures in summer, the bookings of B&Bs around the scenic spots with summer properties increased significantly compared to the previous month. The number of B&B reservations in the surrounding area doubled from the previous month, and the increase in Weihai International Beach Area was up to 3.3 times.

Research travel is hot, and the bookings of research-based homestays have increased by nearly 4 times year-on-year

As the post-90s and post-95s gradually become a group of parents, “bringers with “Baby’s Outing” is no longer a simple relaxation and entertainment. Many mothers prefer tourism projects that are learning and playing, so that children can learn knowledge in the summer.

Can you imagine art museums and sheep, two very different things combined? In the Boundary Art Museum B&B in Hufeng Mountain, Chongqing, there are many such pictures of “returning art to its original state”. “We want children to understand from an early age that art is not so ‘tall’ and it all comes from life.” Jiang Yongting, the director of Jiewai Art Museum, introduced.

This year’s summer research style has become more and more popular. Jiang Yongting has received many inquiries from the end of June, and the number of inquiries and reservations has more than doubled compared to 2021. In July, the number of guests from the research group has increased, and the research institute will customize the itinerary according to the demands of the parents. In addition to undertaking the accommodation part, the B&B can also bring children to experience nature and the feeling of being in touch with art.

Since July, the number of homestays on the platform with the keywords of “research” and “parent-child” has increased significantly, nearly 4 times the month-on-month increase, and the number of related homestay bookings has more than doubled month-on-month. , the top ten cities with the most concentrated orders for research homestays are: Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Dali, Xiamen, Lijiang, Huzhou, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Weihai, and Sanya. Compared with June, the number of research room types on the Tujia Homestay platform increased by more than 10 times, with Jinzhong, Huludao and Chengde all increasing by more than 30 times.

Hu Yang said that in recent years, the requirements of young parents for play and accommodation are changing, which means that the service capabilities of homestay platforms also need to be improved. The number of B&Bs with characteristic experience is gradually increasing. For example, there are those who return to nature and experience farming, those who are close to nature and explore the growth of plants, and those who reminisce about history and learn traditional culture. Fun, get fun beyond playing.

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