“Natural penicillin” announced, eat more, or make cancer cells detour

Penicillin is mentioned, I believe everyone knows it well, but anyone who has suffered from inflammation knows that penicillin can play an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and pain-relieving purpose.

But penicillin is an antibiotic and should not be taken indiscriminately. The balance of penicillin is broken, and some people are allergic to penicillin. Although it is said that penicillin cannot be taken regularly, natural penicillin can be eaten, which has good effects on the body.

“Natural penicillin” may be found, eat a little, or keep you away from cancer cells


1, fennel

Fennel tastes very good whether it’s making steamed buns or dumplings. Because of its special taste, everyone can’t accept it. In fact, eating more fennel can eliminate viruses and bacteria in the intestines and improve gastrointestinal diseases.

Eating fennel properly can reduce the symptoms of diarrhea, and it can also remove the garbage toxins from the intestines, so as to clear the intestines for the purpose of relieving gastroenteritis.

2, garlic

Garlic is called natural penicillin. Garlic contains allicin, which has inhibitory effect on streptococcus, staphylococcus and skin fungi, and achieves the purpose of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Everyone can eat some garlic properly every day, which can increase the body’s immunity and resistance, especially for mild symptoms The symptoms of cold, stuffy nose and cough can be relieved by garlic, often eating garlic raw, or chewing garlic, so that allicin can play better.

3. Purslane

Portulaca oleracea, as a wild herb, is very popular among middle-aged and elderly people. It is brewed into dryness and then made into dumplings or buns. It tastes very good, and it is also a health care provider. of a food.

For this reason, many people go to the countryside to dig purslane, which is a kind of coldness. Herbs, often eaten to increase the cold, spread in the body, people with body cold or weak spleen and stomach, often eating purslane is easy to cause stomach pain or diarrhea. Before eating, be sure to scald it with hot water, it can make The toxins in it are reduced, preventing the body from being affected.

Folk has the effect of purslane called natural penicillin. Eating some purslane properly can protect the gastrointestinal mucosa , for the body anti-inflammatory, heat-clearing and detoxification.

On the other hand, the medicinal components of purslane are beneficial to the maintenance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular Balance blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stimulation from other components.

4. Ginger

Ginger is a very common condiment in every kitchen. Ginger can be seen in many meats and has a good seasoning. , the purpose of freshening.

Ginger contains more crude fiber, and the overall taste is rough. It is not suitable for cooking alone. If ginger is used It can remove the fishy smell. Ginger has a strong activity and is prone to itching in the greenhouse environment. However, it is precisely because the activity of ginger can help the human body to reduce inflammation, so ginger is called pure natural penicillin. Cell removal.

To prevent cancer, do the following 4 points at night

Number One: Smoking Less

a lot People have the habit of smoking. Regular smoking will increase the risk of lung cancer. Tobacco burning is easy to release carcinogens. With the prolonged smoking time, the internal organs of the body are affected.

Second: Moderate exercise p>

Many people work during the day and have less time to spend, so they can develop a good habit of exercising at night, rest for half an hour after eating a full meal, and do something appropriately Exercise can improve blood circulation in the body, increase physical fitness and reduce the risk of disease.

Third: Quit smoking and drinking

< p data-track="24">In daily life, many friends like drinking and smoking. Before drinking, the harmful ingredients in it will affect the body, especially the damage to the stomach and lungs. Gastric cancer, pneumonia and other cancers occur, so everyone must quit smoking and alcohol in time to ensure a good living environment.

Fourth: Check regularly p>

If you want to know your health status, you need to do regular check-ups. Regular check-ups can prevent cancer very well, because all cancers have an early stage If the symptoms are abnormal, you need to go to the hospital in time to take good maintenance measures.