National Hospital Manager: The annual modern hospital management capacity building event is here!

“The 7th China Modern Hospital Management Capacity Building and Development Conference” is waiting for you~

July 27-29,

Capacity building by the National Health Commission

Hosted by and the Center for Continuing Education

The Seventh China Modern Hospital Management Capacity Building and Development Conference

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The year 2022 is an important year for building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and marching towards the second centenary goal. It is also a key year for comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of public hospitals. At the national level, the “Opinions on Promoting the High-Quality Development of Public Hospitals”, “The Promotion Action for High-Quality Development of Public Hospitals (2021-2025)” and “The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Clinical Specialty Capacity Building” have been successively released. As the main body of my country’s medical service system, public hospitals are ushering in the historical opportunity of “from quantitative change to qualitative change”, and promoting the high-quality development of public hospitals has become an inevitable requirement for the reform and development of public hospitals in the new era.

At the same time, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is becoming more and more normal, and the focus of all parties continues to focus on the construction of the public health service system, which puts forward new requirements for the ability of public hospitals to respond to major health events . For public hospitals, this is an opportunity to re-examine how to develop towards high quality.

In this context, the 7th China Modern Hospital Management Capacity Building and Development Conference will be held on July 27-29. With the theme of “Strive for the Future”, the conference, combined with the key tasks of deepening the reform of the medical and health system in 2022, strives to further consolidate the achievements of medical reform, promote the high-quality development of public hospitals, and improve modern hospitals Management System. It is hoped that in the exchange and sharing of the conference, new experiences will be condensed, new ideas will be explored, new methods will be formed, and new attitudes will help the construction of a healthy China.

What are the highlights of this conference, the editor will reveal it for you.

12 breakout sessions relayed

Create a multi-dimensional communication feast

The agenda of this conference is full and all-encompassing. It can be said that: As long as it involves the construction of modern hospital management capacity, whether it is macroscopic or concrete, the conference has arranged for you!

The conference has set up 1 main forum and 12 sub-forums, focusing on the construction of medical ethics and medical style, assessment mechanism, operation management, scientific research innovation, and intelligent construction of public hospitals. experience, and promote consensus among multiple parties.

The following is the agenda of the conference, you can preview it~

The “National Team” Comes Together

Share new knowledge from high-level experience

As the “national team” in the modern hospital management conference in the industry, the guest column of this conference is naturally very important. The main forum invites the Department of System Reform of the National Health Commission, the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration, Relevant leaders of the Department of Science and Education and the Department of Medical Service Management of the National Medical Security Administration delivered speeches, adhering to the due responsibilities and responsibilities of the “national team”, disseminating value concepts and cases, and reflecting deep-level construction ideas.

Sneak Peek! List of guests at the main forum of the conference:

“Online + Offline” linkage

Condensed and efficient construction path

In response to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, this meeting was conducted in a combination of online and offline methods. Among them, sub-forums such as “New Era ‘Red Doctor Spirit’ Casting Hospital Party Building Brand”, “Renovating the Whole Ecology of Smart Hospitals”, and “When Hospital Operation and Management Improve Quality and Efficiency” will be held online. On July 29th, the “Medical Insurance Reform to Promote High Quality” sub-venue was held in Wuhan, with a scale of about 100 people, most of whom were managers of public hospitals. The sub-venue mainly invited industry leaders to analyze the policy planning of medical insurance reform in depth and talk freely. Future direction. Combining the phased results and the valuable experience of the experts at the meeting, it will be condensed into a more mature path for public hospital payment management, and better promote the innovative development of public hospitals.

If you are a participant in the high-quality development of public hospitals

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This conference on “Construction and Development of Modern Hospital Management Capacity in China”

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