“National Famous Writers Look at Yunnan” Every time you come to Yunnan, it is a kind of enjoyment

They are no strangers to Yunnan, and they are very familiar with Yunnan. On the morning of August 2, 18 well-known writers who participated in the “National Famous Writers Look at Yunnan” literary collection activity reviewed their love in Yunnan fondly and recalled the beauty of Yunnan together when they held a forum in Yunnan Daily Newspaper Group.

Liu Xinglong, winner of Mao Dun Literature Prize and Lu Xun Literature Prize: Every time you come to Yunnan, it can be regarded as a kind of enjoy. Dianchi Lake, Stone Forest, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge… These places are very familiar to me and left a deep impression on me.

Huang Bintang, former editor-in-chief of Writers Publishing House: The scenery of Yunnan is definitely the top five in the country. To know Yunnan, you can’t just walk a few points. You have to really walk a line to be considered as having been to Yunnan, and you need to combine points, lines and planes to discover the beauty of Yunnan. For ordinary tourists, the mountains and rivers of Yunnan are bestowed by God.

Xu Jian, President of the Chinese Reportage Society and winner of the Lu Xun Literature Prize: I have been in Yunnan for 18 years , grateful for the land. Yunnan has a strong culture of tolerance, which is why the Southwest Associated University is a miracle. I believe that literature bred on this hot land can advance from the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau to a higher place.

Guazi, Vice Chairman of Guangxi Writers Association and winner of Lu Xun Literature Prize: I am from Guangxi, but I am from life From an angle, Yunnan has the closest relationship with my life. For example, the tea I drink every day is Pu’er tea from Yunnan, and I have to eat 1.37 powder after every meal, which is also from Yunnan.

And the most traveled place in the country is Yunnan. Because all travel is to go, but there is only one place in the country that does not need to travel, that is Yunnan, just in Lijiang. When I was in Lijiang, I just sat and looked at the mountains and the clouds. Even if I bask in the sun and chat in Lijiang, I feel very comfortable. I feel that people living in Yunnan are really happy.

Wang Xiangfu, Vice Chairman of Shanxi Writers Association and winner of Lu Xun Literature Prize:I like Yunnan very much, this is a poem Every time I come to Yunnan, I think of chicken fir. There is a small shop in Yunnan in Beijing. I used to go to drink often, but now it’s gone. I have come to Yunnan many times and want to come again. Every trip is worth paying tribute to this magical land. I want to buy a house and live in Yunnan.

Zhang Zhe, Vice Chairman of Chongqing Writers Association: When I came to Yunnan, I felt no strangeness, just like coming home. I have been to Yunnan 7 times and I especially love the climate and food here.

Fan Wen, Chairman of Yunnan Writers Association: It is not enough to express the connotation of Yunnan only by local writers. Only the scenery and culture of Yunnan can be fully displayed.

Yunnan Net reporter Peng Xi, Zhao Gang, Xia Fanghai, organize the records

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