My “date” with Haoji in Tibet, test drive Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji

I have obsessions with too many things, but as time goes by, many obsessions are gradually forgotten after the erosion of time, but it is the only one – self-driving Tibet, which is always brushed with such a wave of “existence” .

I know in my heart how difficult this is for me, but I can’t live a dull life No wonder, I want to see the Nanga Bawa Peak, which is said to be one of the rare places in the world. I want to see the sunset at Namtso. I want to make a devout wish at the Potala Palace and hang prayer flags for you. I wish you peace and happiness, all the best, and a bright future.

It coincides with Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji challenging the “Roof of the World”. I resolutely applied to the leadership to “play” and promised to fight a perfect victory. So I got on a flight to Lhasa. (os: Of course, there is still a little bit of selfishness.)

It was noon when I arrived at Lhasa Gonggar Airport. In order to adapt to the high altitude and avoid “high reaction”, I put myself on the plane from the moment I got off the plane. All actions are slowed down and the sound is minimized. (os: This is what everyone on the Internet suggests. In order not to be “highly opposed”, I am willing to try anything.)

My date with Lhasa officially started, and this time I was accompanied by this Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji , this is also the first time Haoji entered the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and challenged the roof of the world.

We start from Lhasa to Yamdrok Yongcuo (abbreviation: Yanghu), the whole journey is about 150 kilometers. It is said that high-altitude areas are the most challenging power for cars. In high-altitude areas, the oxygen content in the air is low, which leads to a decrease in the combustion efficiency of the engine, then its power will be weakened and fuel consumption will increase, which is The so-called “automotive high reaction”. Haoji is equipped with Dongfeng Mach dual-engine hybrid system, which is composed of a Mach-powered 1.5T high-efficiency four-cylinder engine and HD120 hybrid electric drive assembly.

To be honest, Haoji doesn’t have a serious “high reaction”, our whole process is relatively fast, With a combined power of 180kW and a combined torque of 540N m, its power is still surging when accelerating. At the same time, it is very clean and neat when changing lanes or turning. In fact, this is also due to its chassis adjustment from the Dongfeng DSMA super architecture platform.

The 12.3-inch LCD instrument and the 12.3-inch ultra-clear central control screen make it clearer when I am driving to understand the status of the vehicle. There are many entertainment apps built into the central control screen, such as iQiyi, Sing Ba, etc., which brought us a lot of entertainment items during this long-distance drive.

Haoji’s standard 540° ultra-clear panoramic image, 180° perspective chassis, and AR real-scene navigation also helped me a lot, because there will be a lot of rocks and various obstacles on the road. With these functions, I can easily cope with these road sections.

Long-distance driving will inevitably make people a little tired, but fortunately there are Haoji zero-pressure wrapped seats , Ergonomic armrests, large area of ​​NAPPA soft covering, comfortable enough for me, a patient with lumbar muscle strain, to have a very good driving experience.

Or you can choose to relax on the Queen’s co-pilot. Haoji’s standard Queen’s co-pilot has an electric adjustable leg rest function, which can be adjusted to a comfortable state and become a “flat” queen. Enjoy this. Great views along the way.

Because there is a 1.17-square-meter super-large panoramic sky above the head, when you “lie down”, in addition to the scenery outside the window, the scenery of the sky is also unobstructed.

Finally, I would like to talk about the materials used in Haoji’s interior. It adopts the design of baby contact grade requirements. The places that can be touched in the car are made of low-volatile and healthier baby-grade environmental protection materials. The formaldehyde concentration in the car is As low as 0.015mgm³, which is also lower than the national standard (0.1mgm³), because we are driving a new car, but the odor in the car is almost zero.

In addition to power and configuration, Haoji’s appearance is also my favorite, the appearance called “Wind Scar” It is more suitable for the beautiful scenery of this sacred land. The atmosphere of the front grille of the storm torrent is more charming, the daytime running lights of the windward semaphore, the LED headlights of the eye of the hurricane, and the moving cars like mountains and seas. The tail, precisely because of these possessions, makes it in no way lost to the beauty of this towering sky. 400,000 is the ideal, 130,000 Hybrid Haoji is life.

The sacredness of Tibet is beyond my words to describe. Here are the tops of thousands of mountains and the source of all waters; there are white clouds, pure sky and continuous snow-capped mountains; The lakes are so amazing, and the blue of Yamdrok Yongcuo is the most amazing. The lake water is different in depth, and the blue is also different.

And this road Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji has also become my most loyal companion. Its power makes me drive very freely this way, its queen co-pilot relieves a lot of my fatigue, and its 1.17 square meters of large canopy also Let me see a different landscape.