my country’s first new crown oral drug Azvudine tablet put into production

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Source: Science and Technology Daily

Science and Technology Daily reporter Qiao Di

August 2, for the new crown Azvudine tablets for viral pneumonia indications were officially put into production in Henan Pingdingshan Real Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Previously, on July 6, the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) of the State Food and Drug Administration unanimously approved the technical review of the small-molecule oral specific drug azvudine for new coronary pneumonia; on July 25, the national The official website of the National Medical Products Administration announced that in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Drug Administration Law” and in accordance with the special approval procedures for drugs, emergency review and approval were conducted, and Henan Zhenzhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Azvudine Tablets were approved with conditions to increase the indications for the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia. Application for registration.

It is understood that Azvudine Tablet is the world’s first dual-target innovative anti-AIDS drug, and it has applied for and authorized patents in China, the United States and other countries. As an oral antiviral small molecule drug, Azvudine has a broad-spectrum inhibitory effect on RNA virus replication, and the new coronavirus belongs to the virus with RNA as the genetic material, so the drug has an inhibitory effect on the new coronavirus.

Since April 2020, Azvudine tablets have been approved for Phase III clinical trials at home and abroad. Clinical trial results show that: significant improvement in clinical symptoms. Azvudine Tablets can significantly shorten the symptom improvement time of patients with moderate novel coronavirus infection pneumonia, increase the proportion of patients with improved clinical symptoms, and achieve clinically superior results.