Multiple nodules and cysts, caused by liver qi stagnation! Only four traditional Chinese medicines are needed, soothing liver qi and dispelling nodules

Liver qi stagnation is divided into four levels, which level are you?

I. Qi stagnation and blood stasis: pain in both ribs, tongue with petechiae, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc.;

2. Stagnation of phlegm and qi: manifested as thyroid nodules, breast nodules, hyperplasia, etc.;

Third. Oral ulcers, etc;

Today I will mainly talk about the second level, phlegm stagnation!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation of nodules is caused by blood stasis, which is rooted in the stagnation of qi and blood, and phlegm stagnation caused by liver qi discomfort. nodules, including thyroid nodules, lymph node nodules, breast nodules, etc.

Therefore, when TCM treats various nodules, it mainly focuses on soothing the liver and relieving depression.

At the end of March, a female patient, 54 years old, came to the outpatient clinic. The first question was: Can the dandelions in the countryside be soaked in water?

I said that dried dandelion can be soaked in water to drink, but why do you drink it?

She told me that a thyroid nodule was found some time ago, but the doctor said it would be fine for a reexamination and did not prescribe any medicine. strong>I heard from the older generation in my family that dandelion can disperse knots, and I happened to have it in my own home, so I thought about trying it.

Dandelion has anti-inflammatory and detoxification effects, so many people think that it is also effective to treat thyroid nodules, but they want to < strong>It seems unreliable to simply drink dandelion soaked in water to disperse knots.

I see her looking tired and out of spirit Jia, the tongue is pale, slightly fat, and the pulse is stringy. Most of them have liver stagnation constitution, so I immediately told her not to use dandelion, and I will give you a recipe for soaking in water:

Green peel, orange pit, fried chicken Neijin, Prunella. These four herbs are brewed in tea, three times a week.

The patient used it for about half a month, and gave me feedback at the second consultationThe foreign body sensation in the throat disappeared , the spirit of the whole person has improved a lot, so it is convenient and effective, so I increased or decreased the dosage on the basis of the original prescription, and continued to take it, I believe that there will be good results in the future!

Why are the simple four herbs so effective?

Fang ZhongQingpi due to “young “, so the temperament is violent and the medicinal properties are strong.

Traditional Chinese medicine says, “Tangerine peel treats high, green peel treats low.” That is to say, tangerine peel is good at treating the lungs and stomach, and it is in the upper coke, so tangerine peel is high;

The green skin is used here, which has a stronger power of activating qi and regulating qi, and can help you unravel the qi knots on the liver meridian.

Orange pits have the functions of regulating Qi, dispelling knots, relieving pain, and can quickly dissipate the accumulation in the body.

Chine Neijin, there is a special article about this medicine before, it can be healthy Spleen and stomach, aid digestion. If the child has food accumulation, you can also crush the dried chicken neijin and drink it with water.

This family has Elderly people should know that, but the gold in chicken is precious because it can not only dissolve the phlegm in the spleen and stomach, but also soften other hard lumps in the body, and can dissolve all blockages and lumps!

< p data-track="44">If you have to say what the king drug of this formula is, you must mention Prunella vulgaris.

When summer is over, it will The upper part of the rhizome begins to wither, so it is called Prunella, which is used in many recipes for nodules. You can see her figure here, and here it is mainly used to clear the anger and dispel stagnation.

This recipe is mainly composed of the ideas of regulating qi and dispelling stagnation.

Tea recipe, if you have nodules caused by liver qi stagnation, you can try it. It’s just that each person’s situation is different, and the dosage needs to be adjusted according to the syndrome. Do not use it arbitrarily!

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