Morning Reading|In the middle of the night

Brazil is blooming, and the aroma is like a sticky batter. The concentration, viscosity, thickness, and weight are far superior to other flowers.

Waking up in the middle of the night.

Suddenly, I felt a strong aroma slam against my lungs with overwhelming force. If it’s by the sea, it’s a dizzying tsunami. I wanted to cough, but the aroma forced my cough back.

The feeling of suffocation.

I’m surprised, did my wife or my daughter spray the room with perfume? Or the room of the two of them, and one of them was perfumed? The three of us share a room, and each of us has his own independent space and freedom.

I sniffed at my wife’s door; I sniffed at my daughter’s door, and it was strange that the aroma didn’t come from their room.

What scent is this? Milan, Jiulixiang, jasmine, sweet-scented osmanthus, these aromatic plants in front of it are like children, not worth mentioning.

I was looking around the house. Finally, the source of the aroma was found. It was in the corner, emanating from a Brazilian wood not much thicker than a thumb.

The brazil is blooming. I haven’t recovered from the surprise brought by the strong aroma, and suddenly, another wave hit me. I like the sea, like swimming in the sea, this fragrance and the blooming of flowers make me find the feeling of experiencing the sea again. Both are my first experiences in my life. I can’t describe this aroma in more precise words, I just feel like I’m going to faint. If the aroma of other flowers is like millet soup, then the aroma of Brazil wood flowers is like a sticky batter. The concentration, viscosity, thickness, and severity all far exceed the aroma of other flowers.

Brazil wood flowers emerge from the top of Brazil wood. This Brazilian tree is a little shorter than mine, about 1.7 meters. The net height is at most 1.7 meters after removing the soil in the flowerpot. Not thick, like a thumb. The flower stem pulled from the top, probably due to its weight, is almost all sloping, and its shape is very similar to the top-wearing feathers on the hats of Qing Dynasty officials. Brazil wood flowers are small, not much larger than osmanthus, milky white, slightly yellowish. It may be in the corner of the wall, its color is not yellow-green. Spikes.

As I turned to the other corner, I found another pot of brazilian wood in bloom. The flowers on this pot of Brazilian wood are erect and slim. My heart also seems to be blooming, happiness and pleasure are coming to me wave after wave like the waves of the sea. However, this pot of Brazil wood is made up of three trees, each as thick as an arm. The single tree in front has no parent, as if it was planted alone. And the three parent Brazilian trees have grown up and down several plants, and their thickness is similar.

After a few days of observation, I found that Brazil wood only blooms at night. During the day, they close and the buds are the size of a grain of rice. And the aroma is light to almost nothing. I learned a lot about Brazil wood, only to know that it will take ten years to bloom before it blooms. How many years have I kept these two pots? Funny, I don’t know. Because I picked up these two pots of Brazilian wood, just like caring people adopt stray cats and dogs, I like to adopt plants. The two pots of Brazilian wood were dying at the beginning, and even I felt that I couldn’t support myself, but I didn’t give up, and with the mentality of giving it a try, I took the two pots of Brazilian wood back from the trash can.

Unexpectedly, they are alive. And, the more you live, the more luxuriant you are.

Come in the middle of the night. Brazil wood quietly came to repay it. I think so, and my heart is warm and beautiful.

(An Wulin)