More pit than “sauerkraut”? Note: Do not drink these 4 kinds of tea, otherwise it will hurt your body

On March 15, 2022, CCTV’s 315 Gala revealed that Master Kong, Uni-President and other enterprises, Laotan sauerkraut suppliers, had many problems in the sauerkraut industry, such as substandard hygiene and production without guarantees. Food safety issues.

It is understood that the sauerkraut industry processes sauerkraut products for many enterprises, but in terms of production hygiene and other aspects There is a serious “double standard” situation for Laotan sauerkraut products for export and domestic sales.

According to the exposure of the 315 party, the pickled cabbage pickled in the standardized pickling pool of the flag-planting vegetable industry is used for processing export products, while the The sauerkraut in the domestically sold Laotan sauerkraut bag is purchased from the outside, and then goes through multiple processes such as 7-day fermentation in the jar, making the original branches, snails, feathers, cigarette butts and other impurities invisible to the naked eye.

What is Tukeng Sauerkraut?

According to the video exposed by CCTV, the production site of sauerkraut in the soil pit is a soil pit, and there is no security guarantee The hygiene situation is worrying. Without any hygiene measures, some workers wear slippers, some step on the sauerkraut with bare feet, and even the scales for weighing the sauerkraut are placed directly on the sauerkraut. The workers even smoke and dry the sauerkraut. The cigarette butts are thrown directly onto the sauerkraut. These sauerkraut are not tested for hygiene indicators when they are acquired by the company.

Just hearing about the making method of Tukeng sauerkraut makes my stomach sour, not to mention those who often eat Laotan sauerkraut In fact, 315 exposed only a drop in the bucket of food safety that is not guaranteed. In the huge food field, many commodities have not been subject to strict quality and safety inspections, such as tea.


Benefits of drinking tea

my country’s tea culture has a long history. It is said that it began in the Shennong era, and a few have a history of more than 4,700 years. Until now, there is still the custom of using tea as a gift in China. Today, China’s tea culture has gone global, and people from more than 100 countries and regions around the world have fallen in love with tea tasting.

With the development of the economy, people’s living standards have been further improved, and tea culture has knowledge Sex, fun and recreation, by tasting famous tea, tea sets, refreshments, and watching tea customs, it can bring people a beautiful enjoyment.

So what are the benefits of drinking tea?

1. UV resistant

Tea polyphenols in tea water are water-soluble substances. Washing your face with tea water can remove oily face, tighten pores, disinfect, sterilize and resist skin aging. It can also reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, and it is a natural sunscreen.

2. Improve memory

Tea polyphenols in tea can locally improve the brain, thereby increasing memory and improving learning efficiency. According to research, drinking tea can prevent and treat nervous system diseases. In addition, the caffeine in tea can also stimulate the central nervous system, which has a refreshing effect.

3. Helps lose weight

Caffeine in tea can promoteIt can secrete gastric juice, help digestion, and enhance the body’s ability to decompose fat. Foreign studies have also shown that drinking tea regularly can reduce waist circumference and body mass index, thereby preventing diabetes and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Improve muscular endurance p>

Tea contains antioxidants called catechins, which increase the body’s ability to burn fat, improve muscle endurance, and help fight fatigue , Increase the time of physical exercise, especially green tea has the best effect.


More pit than “sauerkraut”? Note: Do not drink these 4 kinds of tea, otherwise it will hurt your body

From the above, you can I understand that drinking tea is very good for human health, but not all teas are beneficial and harmless. Here are 4 kinds of teas. I wonder if you have ever drunk them? If you have it at home, it’s best to throw it away and stop drinking it.

1, spoiled tea

If the moisture content of tea leaves exceeds 5%, the residual enzymes will be oxidized, which will breed a large number of bacteria, which will easily make the tea leaves moldy and lead to the deterioration of the tea leaves. During the preservation process, the tea leaves absorb moisture and odors in the air, and also breed a large number of microorganisms and bacteria, which lead to the deterioration of the tea leaves.

Mildewed tea leaves contain a large amount of toxic components such as penicillic acid and Huangtianjing. After these toxins are absorbed by the human body, , will cause people to have diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness and other adverse symptoms. If you drink these spoiled tea for a long time, the function of people’s liver and kidney will be significantly reduced, and in severe cases, cancer will be induced.

2. Essence tea

Some teas sold on the market smell very fragrant, but there is no tea smell when brewed. This is all caused by the essence, and the price of essence tea is relatively low , most of them are some old tea, residual tea, or tea of ​​poor quality, which are made of refurbished Titian.

Table B.1 of the “National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Food Additives” issued by the Ministry of Health of the People’s “List of Foodstuffs Using Spices and Fragrances”. Therefore, once you find such tea, you must throw it away as soon as possible, and do not continue to drink it.

3, raw tea

Raw tea refers to the roasted green tea that is dried directly without being rolled after being smashed. The shape of this tea is natural and green, and the ingredients are basically the same as those contained in the fresh leaves. The low-boiling aldol compounds are not converted and volatilized much, and the aroma is seriously green.

The elderly drink this green tea, which is very irritating to the gastric mucosa, and is prone to stomach pain after drinking; young people drink this green tea. Afterwards, you will also feel an upset stomach, which is commonly referred to as “scraping your stomach.” If you bought this raw tea by mistake, it is best not to drink it directly. You can put it in a non-greasy iron pot, fry it slowly with a slow fire, roast it to remove the green qi, and drink it after it produces a mild chestnut aroma.

4. Dry tea p>

Take part of the tea leaves and rub them in your hands. If the tea leaves turn into powder after rubbing, or there is some color proof on your palm, which contains a certain amount of additives.

For example, black tea, most of the added pigments are lemon yellow, and carmine is red bean. Although it is a food coloring, it does not meet the national safety standards. is an illegal act.


How to choose high-quality tea?

1, watch

Regardless of the grade of tea, the shape should be uniform, without non-tea inclusions, the tea should be dry, and it should be brushed in the hand , such tea leaves have low water content.

2. Smell

Smell the aroma of the tea, whether it is fragrant or different kinds of varieties, whether there is peculiar smell, burnt smell, sour smell, miscellaneous smell, etc.

3, product

Dry chewing tea leaves are fresh, refreshing, and mellow. The taste of tea soup is best if it is slightly bitter and sweet. A good tea is rich in glycol, active, and sweet in the throat after drinking. The feeling lasts a long time.

4. Check

When consumers look at the test report, they should first pay attention to whether the tea meets the hygienic standards, whether there are pesticide and heavy metal residues, and which grade of tea it belongs to.