Moments|To see through your own movement, you need a lot of mirrors

I suddenly remembered that when I moved, a friend asked me, saying you The original yard is so good, with its own traffic, it’s a pity not to have it, why not make it a homestay? I thought about it, it’s like this, I have at least two kinds of things that are not suitable for me.

One is that I am very rambunctious, needless to say;

Of course, it is not an objective reality that excludes business and live broadcast monetization, it is just a “mismatch”. It’s not that the traffic is wrong, and it’s not common to talk about money. It’s just that everyone’s existence is different, and their persistence is also different. After all, everyone has different values ​​for everyone.

In this short video era, many people are acting, with a hypocritical heart, acting out those touching innocence, purity, wisdom, “truth” and “goodness”, and the real innocence and pureness, Truth and kindness are so scarce, so I think what is lacking in this era is not how to cash in when there is traffic, but a hundred ways to call you to cash in, but I choose to turn a blind eye.

That might be my rebellion against false instincts. Because I have a shortcut to look at myself, that is, I see the existence of everyone around me as a mirror that can reflect myself. When I can see through the falsehood and hypocrisy, I will avoid it myself. It’s too easy to convince yourself, but it’s very hard to see through your own scheming and feel ashamed to avoid it.

Text/Er Dong

Editor/Han Shirong