Men’s morning urine appears these 3 kinds of abnormalities, need to be alert to kidney disease!

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Most men are more worried about kidney deficiency or kidney function problems. , morning urine, is a barometer of renal function.

Usually for healthy people, the color of urine is light yellow or colorless, and there is no obvious odor. But when something goes wrong with the kidneys, the urine changes accordingly. Especially after the abnormality of the kidneys in men, the nature of urine may have a series of changes when urinating in the morning.

So, what abnormalities in male morning urine may be related to renal abnormalities?

1. Abnormal urine color

Usually, after a night’s sleep, the urine will be concentrated, so when you wake up in the morning to urinate, the color of the urine will be slightly yellowish, but not very obvious.

If a man wakes up in the morning and urinates for the first time, his urine is very yellow, or if he has tea-colored urine, and the urine is cloudy, and he feels tired and weak< /span>, then there may have been some abnormalities in kidney function. If accompanied by some symptoms of urinary tract infection, beware of prostatitis, urethritis and other diseases.

If the urine is white like lime water, it often appears at the end of the urine. It is often accompanied by symptoms such as urgency, frequent urination, dysuria, incomplete urination, and fever.. These may be renal tuberculosis, empyema, or urinary tract infection caused by obstruction or foreign body.

If the color of the urine is red and accompanied by cramping on one side of the waist, it is most likely associated with kidney stones. If the patient has repeated symptoms such as gross hematuria, waist pain, abdominal mass, abnormal blood pressure, and decreased appetite, caution should be exercised. The more malignant possibility is related to kidney cancer.

2. Foaming in urine

If a man is obviously holding back his urine in the morning, there will be some foam in the urine, but this foam will soon dissipate. And as long as men drink a glass of water properly, this foamy urine phenomenon will change immediately.

If a man urinates in the morning, a layer of very fine foam floats on the surface of the urine, and these foams are difficult to disperse for a long time, which may be related to abnormal renal function, making Reduced tubular filtration rate, resulting in excess protein in the urine.

If foam occurs in morning urine, accompanied by obvious dysuria, urgency, or frequent urination, facial and leg edema, body aches, weight loss, and fever, it is usually due to < span>nephritiscaused.

3. The morning urine has a strong odor

When the kidney function is not good, due to abnormal protein metabolism, urine will The content of nitrogen and other elements in it will increase, which will lead to the phenomenon of strong urine smell when urinating in the morning.

If the urine smell is particularly heavy in the morning, accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, fever, and pain in the kidney area, it is generally Possibly due to pyelonephritis.

All in all, when men urinate in the morning, if they have the above three abnormal symptoms, they will also be accompanied by waist pain. , loss of appetite, fatigue and other symptoms, go to the hospital as soon as possible for kidney function tests.

If you suffer from some abnormal conditions caused by kidney disease, you must receive regular treatment, and make adjustments in diet, mentality, exercise, work and rest, etc., to protect your kidney health.


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Source: China Public Health Network

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